An Exciting Opportunity!

Hello my good friends at RedBubble.

Firstly: Please accept my apology for being absent and not responding or contributing. I have been busy working in the background, putting together the framework and laying the groundwork for my new business venture: True North Photography by Karen Scrimes. It has been a slow process, mainly due to problems with the company contracted to develop my website. I’m sad to say that even after 2 months I’m still a little way off from going ‘live’ with the site. I guess I got the ‘lemon’ of Website development companies!! I honestly did my research in this area and finally went with an organisation that looked very professional and polished. I even looked at doing the whole thing myself but due to family and work commitments decided to let the ‘professionals’ do it for me. Hmmmmm I hope it won’t be too far off now.

However!!! That is not the reason for my post (only the excuse for being a slack Bubbler!). I have a really exciting opportunity to tell you about. Last year I was lucky enough to travel to King Island, Tasmania. I was only there a short time (it was a work trip) but managed to take some pictures of this remarkable place. The one thing I was sure of, was that I needed to return so that I could explore this place fully with my DSLR camera. King Island may only be 64 kms long and 27 kms wide but there is a photographic opportunity at every turn.

To cut a long story short, I became friends with a lovely KI couple and have kept in touch. They in turn passed on my name to a local entrepreneur, Ian Johnson who has put together the most wonderful Photography Tour of King Island. Ian has kindly asked me to be the tour guide – how exciting!! The tour is absolutely jam packed with wonderful photo opportunities that would appeal to wildlife and nature photographers, landscape and seascape photographers, Maritime history and gourmet food buffs!! Shipwrecks and unique lighthouses also feature prominently. Have I whet your appetite yet???

To top it all off, there is a tour to the famous King Island Cheese factory. I won’t go in to too many details but I almost missed my flight back to Melbourne because I found it hard to walk out of that place LOL.

I hope you feel as excited as I do about this wonderful opportunity to explore such a unique and historic outpost. The finer details of the tour can be found here on the King Island Holiday Village website. The cost of the tour is in Australian dollars and departs and returns via Melbourne. The first Tour is scheduled for Friday the 10th of September through to Sunday the 12th of September. There will be others scheduled throughout the year. If you have any questions you can direct them to me – your friendly tour guide!!!

I hope you may be able to come along on this wonderful adventure!!



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