Just A Few Words

When it comes to writing journals and blogs, i find this to be quite enjoyable apart from the fact its when they all need updating meaning it can be between a year or a few months before anything has been added

Any way if i have any thing which is exciting to share then this might be something worthwhile to post in a journal/blog entry other than that i rather spend time creating art from my photos.But as i am here i might as well say something so i will start by saying my name is Andrew, and have been into photography since the age of 15 which apparently was passed down to me by my dad

From what i understand he used to develop all his own photos and then while they were still wet would place a picture in the form of a frame over what ever photo he was using this would create a kind of transparent effect
This in a sense doesn’t surprise me because

i now implement a similar technique to my own photos using layers it is hope that i will post some work where you will be able to see where i am coming from
moving on as well as being a photographer, i also happen to be a self taught artist too which i have been told is fairly visible in images like moonlight sonata
i started out using traditional based materials ( pastels water colours pencil)

but then that all changed after i became interested in computers from there i began to discover a whole different approach to how easy it would be in creating art with a computer photo shop graphics pen & tablet so there we are !!!!!
my latest venture is creating animations http://mindwarp2.deviantart.com/art/Water-Rose-...

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