Life as you see it!!!

Ive only been on here about two weeks and im stunned at the work i see. I flick and flick and flick through different images and artists. and im amazed at all the different qualities, subjects and vibes.
it always amazes me at how all of us look at this world and the things in it with different eyes and hearts. and from that comes the image, or the message, or the expression!!

We are all the same. come from the same place and go back to the same place and inbetween we share our visions and feelings and emotions, but most of all we share this world we live on.
I just wanted to say what an amazing experience it has been to see the world through your eyes, your hearts, and your visions of life. What you see and how you see it. The fact that you give us the opurtunity to do the same.

Thank you!

I would never have seen it that way otherwise!



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