What makes a good Photograph?
Colour? Light? Exposure? Composition?
Or is it Emotion? Beauty? The Moment?……Intuition maybe?
Ive often asked myself this question.
When i see other artists work and im blown away completely, i think it always comes down to emotion for me. To see something truely spectacular that it makes your skin buzz i feel is almost always created with huge amounts of emotion.
That is the inspiration behind what i do. The images i choose to capture.
The diversity in people and the earth as a whole has made me find inspiration and beauty in all things i see. So much so that i wanted to capture what i saw, and more to the point what i felt when i saw it.
I started this about 15 years ago, when friend let me borrow their little cannon. After tinkering around and playing with different light, i really started to fall in love with Photography itself!, Trying not just to capture the emotion, but to also capture the atmosphere, mood and energy in it too.
Now, 15 years on, i work with a Fuji S7000 DSLR, thankfully!.
Photography for me has become about freezing time!, that something in the moment, peoples lives, things, places. Communicating something unspoken, about who we are in relation to the world around us that gets reflected back and the emotion that comes out from that. Whatever and wherever that may be.

Much peace…..

If you resonate so much with the work that you would like me to capture something for you, then please dont hesitate to contact me!

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Bond Guys and Gals!!

Hi there Bond Guys and Gals.. / We would like you to search, expand, Imagine and create! There is a high volume of The femanine form being uploaded! in fact almost ALL images uploaded are of women! / Its great! but there is so much more to the Bond movies than just the female interaction! / We want you to start exploring the “whole” of what Bond represents and expresses in the movies…
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New Group Added!

Hi Good People.. / We have Created a James Bond 007 Group! / And are interested in the atmosphere and Quality captured in the films! and images that reflect this. / If Ths sounds appealing to you please come and take a look….and possibly join!!! ill put a link here at the bottom. / We would love to have you on board! / Much peace / Kirsty:-) / http://www.redbubble.com/groups/james-bond-007
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First sale! so chuffed!!!

Hi good people! / As you`ve prolly seen i havent been that active of late, due to a few stressful life events. But things have worked themselves out thank goodness. And i just thought id let you know im back! and will participating again! Ive missed it!! / I also could not belive I have made my first sale! with smiling without smiling soooo pleased! / I hope you have all been well and good……
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Life has thrown some apples! am sorry for not responding.

Sorry guys for not responding as per usuall, i have been away for a few weeks due to some stressful happenings in life. i am a bit low in spirit at the moment so just bear with me, and i will try and respond as i always have. / Much love and peace / kirst
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