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My fault, people say it is hard to live with someone – yet it’s hard to live with them…
When you do something right no one remembers – when you do something wrong no one forgets
I am selfish but – When was the last time someone went where you wanted to go, ate what you wanted to eat and enjoyed what you wanted to enjoy…?
When someone is behind you at traffic or at checkout in a store, they want you to hurry… – but when they are in front of you in the same type of situation; they do everything to you they never wanted anyone to do to them???
Don’t yell at me, gossip, criticize – yet people do it all the time
I must be responsible – yet no one wants blame, troubles or annoyances of any kind
People want you to treat them with understanding, compassion – but they don’t treat you like that at all
Why is it someone else always is in a hurry? – yet when you’re in a hurry, you can suck it
People have habits, faults, annoyances – yet when you are with them, in their company, you can’t do what you please
People want you to do everything they want – then you – are – a – good – friend
You have your choices, your ways – that doesn’t interest other people, it doesn’t interest them;
You are not – being – a – good – friend
People can judge you, ridicule you, manipulate you – but never do that to them, ever
Others don’t mind belittling us, punishing us, hurting us – we can take it, they can’t, still not fair
We are supposed to share in life – but others want theirs, ours, and yours
Where is my best friend…? Who will do what I want? I can do what they want and we both can do something else, something different neither one of us has done and just say… touché.
(This is not everyone, by no means, thank God, the touché, or too shay, is like an annoyance, a something that you’re foiled in like sword fencing, or like the tolerance of others feelings. )

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