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Love under Torque

…could it ever be said that life was easy…?
No one claims it, the meandering of day to day, week to week, year to year; what can be said…?
I love you, yet I give you pain, anguish, misery, heartache,
Life rolls on through the hell bent storm….
I want what I want when I want it, I tell you my life is important, look at me, satisfy me.
The squall climbs over the mountain of lies and roguery,
Who is ANYONE to tell ME what life is about…?
I KNOW BETTER… I know nothing.
Everyone has the questions, endless questions, ask some of these to yourselves you feeble souls, Realize IT is not about anyone in particular;
It is about survival, about living to see another day.
The blame game is eternal, ongoing, detrimental, caustic, deadly, and inevitable.
Give me what I want, give me it all, give me peace.
The tortuous of day to day, again and again, who is anyone to tell me anything?
Tumultuous mind-bending life of mine, on and on, yet and still, no one knows.

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