auto-adding of images to new products

I am getting really sick of Redbubble automatically adding my art and photography to new products.
I did not spend £19,000 on an Art and Design degree and then 4 years in the industry to have my art put willynilly onto anything it will fit on, regardless on whether it looks good on that product or not.
I spent 3 hrs deleting scarves 3 weeks ago, 1 hr deleting pencil skirts two weeks ago and now it looks like I am going to have to spend who knows how long of my day off deleting drawstring bags.
Whilst I am really pleased at Redbubble’s product expansion and think they are a great company who have come a long way in only a few years, I have asked them agian and again to stop auto-adding my art to new products and if this complete disregard of the value of my time and the work I put into my art continues I will be forced to close my Redbubble account.

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