Prophecy abstract art

This journal became paved with good intentions quickly lol. The iPad cases really do still have one-off abstract art on – but I’m not taking them down, they are staying, at least for a while.
I am trying to get a lot more art up onto Redbubble – I have spent a lot of time in the last 3 years putting a lot of work and effort into my other stores on Zazzle, Cafepress, Skreened and Imagekind and now it is Redbubble’s turn.
As a thank you to Redbubble for their support of me and promotion of me since the very beginning even when I had practically no art on here at all, my new major range of abstract art, the ‘Prophecy’ range, the sequel to my extensive Apocalypse range of abstract art, will only be for sale on Redbubble on various things including prints.
Since my last journal entry I had a lot of problems including two house moves I hadn’t expected and therefore could not afford, worsening eyesight due to permanent ocular migraines, problems with a lump in my breast, had my main PC with all my digital art on and editing programs etc on break (files fine and retrieved) was set up for and got into trouble for a crime I did not do (!), had most of my hair fall out and pretty much nearly died of stress over everything (not an exaggeration, my blood ESR was 111 – above 100 normally is indicative of an impending fatality) and had a lump removed from my duodenum (stomach bit at end of oesophagus near the liver).
Hopefully things will improve soon. Surely things can only get better? Please?

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