soooo slow

…and I’m not just talking about the Redbubble uploader – my brain is also on a go slow. As my twitter followers know, since I last blogged it has been a very upsetting and exhausting time for High Peak Rat Rescue – which I help run. Consequently I am 3 weeks behind with the art ranges I was working on, including the one I talked about in my last blog post. As my life does not consist just of art and rats and I have to run Mindgoop too as well as make products, I know for a fact that I am not going to get the new art range uploadable before the new year. Sorry guys.
Don’t worry though, there will be the occasional new art (like ‘Wildfire’ today!) or older art uploaded here that hadn’t made it onto Redbubble yet (there’s thousands more everywhere else).


I got a bit burnt out, after 5 years of running Mindgoop so took it a bit easier over the last month but am back to it now and feeling much more creative so for a lack of a better way to put it, Rah. Currently working on a substantial new range of art for this Autumn, which will be exclusive to Redbubble, watch this space.

Feeling better

I’m back to doing art again (yippeee) as finally, after years and years of feeling utterly lousy and having endless blood tests the docs did a body chemistry test and discovered that I can’t actually process or store vitamin D from the sunlight/food and put me on Vitamin D therapy. Amazing what a difference a vitamin can make. I can see better (though I still go blind when I’m stressed or tired), can walk a bit better, have better balance so am not falling over every day any more, am less bloated, have stopped feeling nauseous all the time, feel refreshed after sleeping, have more energy and a better concentration span. Why three two hospital hematology depoartments failed to diagnose this despite at one point me having an ESR rate of 111 is anyone’s guess. Morons? Probably. Anyway as I h…


I’ve mostly been too ill or in too much pain to sit up let alone create new artwork for a few months now, which is frustrating as my head is full of art that I can’t get into a physical form.
This also means I have been barely able to do the behind the scenes updating, organizing and marketing needed to run my stores on print-on-demand sites. So, with a few additions when new products become available, or when I have a spurt of energy, not a lot is happening with Mindgoop right now.
Be patient and in the meantime enjoy the thousands of artworks, design and photography already for sale online.

auto add bots.

So, as I’m having to spend hours editing every time the auto bot decides to randomly put my art on stuff I don’t want it on/ it’s not suitable to be on, that means that I am spending less hours uploading new art to this store: after all why add art at all when it’ll only end up on products that it won’t suit or be put on products badly, giving me even more hours to waste…
So no new art on here. Nor will there be while this auto bot feature doesn’t have an opt out switch.

auto-adding of images to new products

I am getting really sick of Redbubble automatically adding my art and photography to new products.
I did not spend £19,000 on an Art and Design degree and then 4 years in the industry to have my art put willynilly onto anything it will fit on, regardless on whether it looks good on that product or not.
I spent 3 hrs deleting scarves 3 weeks ago, 1 hr deleting pencil skirts two weeks ago and now it looks like I am going to have to spend who knows how long of my day off deleting drawstring bags.
Whilst I am really pleased at Redbubble’s product expansion and think they are a great company who have come a long way in only a few years, I have asked them agian and again to stop auto-adding my art to new products and if this complete disregard of the value of my time and the work I put into my art…

abstract art 2015

Really abstract-art-minded at the moment, despite an almost constant migraine… seems the more pet rats we get the more creative I become. We have a LOT of rat rescues at the moment, some of which are in need of a lot of TLC and socialization so are on my desk and really and truly in the way but oh they’re so cute and it’s nice to chat to them whilst my work uploads and I’m adding it to Pinterest, twitter, Google Plus etc.

exploding with creativity

In one word: all over print leggings.
That didn’t work as one word at all.
That’ll be because I am SO EXCITED I could explode about finally getting all-over-print leggings to design. Why? Because I’ve been wearing all-over-print leggings since I was a teenager, with a huge gap of a decade when i couldn’t find any, anywhere, then back to wearing them again… but now it’s even better as I can put my own art and design on the leggings which means I can wear exactly what I want. I hope you like them too.
Tip for designers reading this: Never design any apparel you would not happily wear yourself.

Number Five Is Alive!

Heh. Every time something that has been glitchy suddenly works reliably and efficiently this phrase from Short Circuit movie goes through my mind … I’m happy because the Redbubble uploader, which has been a bone of contention with me for months, is now probably one of the easiest ways to upload art etc i have encountered in all the print on demand sites we deal with as a company. Much kudos to Redbubble :)
So I am uploading as mush stuff as possible over the next few weeks – it will take a while as my desktop PC is temperamental and my desk chair is broken.

stuff and things

Well the Redbubble uploader seems to be ‘sorted’ now – though I notice there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose commission percentages for individual products any more so I’ll mainly just be putting new art on suitable products such as the tote bags, iPad cases, pillows and duvet covers. Photography will still be available on prints and greeting cards. Prints of all artworks will still be for sale on the Mindgoop store at Crated in future – I just think – and so do the Arts Council – that artists should be able to be paid a fair price for their artwork, and art should always be more expensive than photography IMHO.

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