ohh .. GRRRRRRRRRR... i blundered.. my appologies LOL

…….. i am so sorry… my darn brain got confused again LOL.. i am so sorry.. i had a serious car accident about 20 years ago and had – amongst other things – tbi, traumatic brain injury. one of the symptoms is that i get confused easily.. and then make the most silly blunders.. as today……

my latest art, FIRE, was featured by the group LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS and NOT as mistakenly written by me Freedom to Shine! my appologies to BOTH groups for making this stupid mistake… and thanks to CHRIS.. for pointing it out to me LOL.. you are a gem my friend :BIGHUGS: :))

so… once more………..

FIRE, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix

was featured in Light in the Darkness and my great thanks go to the group hosts

Sally Omar
Amber Elizabeth

for this wonderful feature… and my apologies for just catapulting them into a different group :D ….

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