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I was born and grew up in England but my parents were migrant Aussies who eventually returned home, and I followed them. After bouncing...

People who inspire me: no. 5


Dennis Nona
I went to an exhibition of his work here in Adelaide. His etchings and linocuts are ENORMOUS. It takes a team of Torres Strait Islanders to print some of the linocuts.


Edward Gorey
I was introduced to Edward Gorey when my sister sent me a copy of ‘the doubtful guest.’ My dog reminds me of this creature at times. I have a popup picture book of his called ‘the dwindling party’. They do indeed dwindle, till only one is left.

Lucy Willis
I knew Lucy when I was living in Somerset, UK. She showed me how you can paint in watercolour by drawing with a brush. She is also a fantastic printmaker.


Mary Leunig
She’s Michael Leunig’s sister. I like him a lot too, but then everybody does. Her humour’s much blacker than his. She deserves to be more well known, but I couldn’t find much on the web about her. Look out for her books.

Deborah Mae Broad

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