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I was born and grew up in England but my parents were migrant Aussies who eventually returned home, and I followed them. After bouncing...

Dark side of the Moon

Did anyone see this movie the other night? One of the most poignant moments was when the goldfish is discovered frozen solid. I have a similarly sad situation: I have an empty goldfish bowl, once inhabited by a goldfish that I inherited from my cousin. it became extremely agitated as we drove up the freeway into the Hills, perhaps due to the stress of the move. We tried resuscitating it by pumping air into the water with my compressor, but to no avail. Within 24 hours it was no longer with us.
I don’t want to see the same sorry fate befall another live goldfish. I’ve decided to fill the empty bowl with paper fish. So if anyone would like to contribute a paper fish to my bowl, please feel free to send me a fish via my website. When the bowl is full I’ll photograph it and send you all a picture.

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