Christies Beach, Australia

I was born and grew up in England but my parents were migrant Aussies who eventually returned home, and I followed them. After bouncing...

Who needs drugs?

Help! I am now a self-confessed Redbubble tragic. There are so many images appearing every few minutes, journal entries to read, people to meet….I have joined the ranks of webbed-up freaks who spend their lives glued to computer screens. There are already three of them in my house: we sit in separate rooms, ignoring each other, talking to the ether. Enough! I must turn off this tyrant and go and visit the outside world.

I force myself into the fresh air, squinting like a mole in the sunlight, expecting to see that the rain has fallen at last, the tanks are overflowing, the dog’s had puppies, there is peace at last in Iraq. But nothing has changed: the world remains as static and depressing as ever.

But wait….there are three female blue wrens hopping about near my back door. They haven’t visited my garden for years. There’s a new breed of honeyeater sampling the fuchsia flowers. There are even a few clouds in the sky, so who knows, rain might be on its way…..

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