Christies Beach, Australia

I was born and grew up in England but my parents were migrant Aussies who eventually returned home, and I followed them. After bouncing...


On Monday I went swimming with a seal.

I saw him half a kilometer away, one flipper pointing skywards,
not waving
not drowning
but sleeping
cradled in the ocean.
I swam so close I could almost touch his whiskered face
hanging in the water.
Every few seconds he raised his head
sniffed the air
and dropped it again.
I followed him as he drifted,
wondering at his slothful grace,
his magnificent nonchalance,
his complete indifference in my presence.
I had to leave him
I was growing cold, my limbs were cramped.
I watched him from the shore.
He continued to sleep
all that afternoon,
one flipper pointing skywards.

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