Ramble on

Well, i’m going to use this as sort of a diary :)
Today, was a turning point in my life and certain things and signs tell me that.
Not gonna talk about that too much, but the biggest thing that happened is a break trough on a spiritual base and new way of seeing things, new way of doing things…
In the more recent past, i’ve struggled to beat the one who’s been throwing obstacles at my feet, and that one is the restless and most irritating personified ego…
But, as i’ve said, today, something clicked in me while i was watching one of Sri Mooji’s satsang teachings/talks, so i want to recommend to follow up that kind man :)
Other than that, i feel like a great weight has been lifted, but still some shards are around, and again, no worries there…
All in all, if you are reading this i want you to know that i love you, whoever you may be, wherever you are… :)
Have a badass day/night, and thanks for visiting and taking time to read and inspect my art :)

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