she thought and form was born by Mikyle the river runs still by Mikyle in her embrace by Mikyle setting free by Mikyle mom by Mikyle indian dream by Mikyle


What strange reality is this? / Is it one that I have stumbled on in the dead of night? / Entered through chance in lucid slumber? / A mere…

Winter claims, my soul

Fallen shadows / they lie; / glistening / Silver bellied and breathless
Work in Progress... by Mikyle


Each word that slips / Through my lips is honey. / Lilac, lavender scented sweet. / Compassion drips / In frozen prisms / From my mind / I…

I miss you

Cheeks stained / Wet with weeping / I miss / All that you are / I sit and I wait / For the warmth / of your embrace / swallow me whole …

I will go gentle into that good night

I will go gentle into that good night / I will not rage against but embrace the dying of the light / I will tip toe secretly up to the slip…

I set myself free

I open my purse and / I throw my pennies / Out / Below the surface they sink / One / By / One / Down / into this wishing well / I cast …

Mind Painting

Mind painting / I dip my brush in / Splash words across this page / Lift the lid off my madness / and allow it to dance, / twirl, / cascad…

The circus has come to town once again

I dreamt last night / of silver streams / and raging storms / of saffron shores / and starving beasts / I spiral in and out of sleep / Dizz…

The Veil Slips….

The veil slips / I see / The world. / Each new leaf / each awakening bud / each prism of fractured light / more spectacular / with eve…

Night time lovers


Meeting my Maker

An opening gapes / the eye of infinity / pierces my reality / spiralling out / the veil starts to slip / I catch: / a glimmer of the mech…

Cavemen dreams


Another rainy day passes by (without you by my si…



I give myself to you. / I throw myself into your depths / I surrender. / To my dreams / Carry me off, / take me away / where ever you plea…

Cast me out into the ocean (but send me with a fr…


The breath of the universe beckons

Where am I? / Where the fuck am I? / I am lost. / A mere drop in this immense ocean / of time, insanity, experience. / Let me out! / I be…

I am but a shadow… A shadow of myself

I am a shadow, / A ghost. / I walk / through / this world / neither fully awake / nor asleep / what reality is this? / is it not one that…
Untitled by Mikyle

Happy Birthday Erika!

To all artists, writers, poets and creators on redbubble, today is a very special day! / It is our dear Erika’s Birthday. / A wise, …


It’s there. / I see it in everything. / In the blooming of a new bud, / In the depths of a dormant seed. / Encoded, / Entrusted / With the …
This is for you... by Mikyle

Sleepers of the world, wake up

We’ve been asleep for too damn long / And now I’m bored.
serenity by Mikyle


Strong, enduring, fluid and free. / Beautiful, ancient… / wise old tree.


Where to begin? / A thousand emotions rise / petulant ocean of thought consumes me whole. / Adrift I float from feeling to thought / memor…


An innocent cut pierces more than just my flesh, / and I am left with the acknowledgement of my own nothingness, / of my fleeting existence…

Bridging the self-inflicted gap

Time ticks on… / My lips part; / tongue prepares, / the formation of a half word presents itself - / silence.

Who am I?

I am a poet, / an artist. / a feeler, / a thinker. / a lover, / a creator. / If this is not God, / then what is?


The greatest mystery of all time – Death / is but a reminder that we are alive.

Brompton cemetery

I like it here. / The silence penetrates the air. / (whether created by years of sadness and profound grief, / or by the gentle surrender …
Inner Child by Mikyle Wonderland by Mikyle


Winter is a lonely time. / Cold, harsh, frigid. / The shrill shrieking of the wind / depletes the cold, frosted silence / and dances about…

Mon Petite

pink ears / pink feet / and a tail to match / enormous, alert eyes / and a black and white back

Sentence of Silence

I choke. / On the words you steal from my parted lips.

Just a thought…

Catch me and pin me down to this Earth. / I fear I may drift off and never return…

Energy Drain

I lie crumpled; victim – / To her and her flaws.


Wait for him to jump…

The Art Of Drowning

From me the remnants of old are torn, / and into new life I am born.

Cage me not

…because without freedom, / My sentence is death.

The Beggar

To be cold, unclean, / very sad, / living your life like a stray.

Analyze This

…they try to uncover / my secrets of old, / poke, search, discover, / as if I’m guarding some gold.

Worthless Race

Feeding, breathing, multiplying. / Existing, not living

Atheist am I not

They question not their society, / wallowing in mud, / and in almighty Christianity / hide their sins in blood

For the Fish

Flowing, shimmering, / flashes of light / energetic, beautiful, / swift in its flight.


Thought – / catch it, / quick / And squash it onto this / paper / Make it stick


…Slipping down Alice’s rabbit hole / plunging into Wonderland - / A parallel universe…
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