mikoto after 4 weeks at Paddington Markets

I was going to write about my experience at the Paddington Markets after the first week but I though I’d wait till a month passed so that I had a better understanding of how it was going to be overall. Many people had said that it can be very up and down, and the were spot on.

The biggest predicament so far has been where they place my stall. the first week there, I was in the ‘platinum’ area where much of the other arts and crafts are. it was a great vibe and the people around me were really friendly. I had a constant stream of interest and sold shirts and badges frequently.

The 2nd and thirds week in contrast were not much fun. I was placed adjacent to the food area and on top of the playground. The smell of onion and screaming of kids was really not enjoyable and had a huge impact on the interest and frequency of sales. It was a little scary to get though half the day and not sell anything while watching people walk like zombies towards the irresistible smell of cooking sausage and onion.

I made enough of a fuss to get placed back into the platinum area on the fourth week and it was back to where I feel I belong :)

It a has so far been a lot of fun and very educational for me. I have said to a number of people that I was thinking about doing a masters at university that can cost upwards of $10,000, but then I decided why not instead invest into a small business idea that will more than likely make me work harder, teach me more, and at the very least earn back a few dollars.

In all its a great way to spend my saturdays. My partner shannon is out there and we visit each other regularly and run away from our stall to have lunch together. She has been so helpful in helping teaching me the ins and outs of the markets and its funny to think the we are now “market honeys”

Hope you enjoyed reading my account and if you get the chance come say hi!


Here is a picture of my stall. the Japanese privacy screens at the back really sets my little shirts shop apart

Here is a photo of some of the shirts, the middle 2 were from redbubble and I called them “One Offs” hehe.

I present my badges in muffin trays and have made a habit of buying 2 cupcakes in the morning. Its a great conversation starter and I get to eat them at the end of the day!

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