once upon a fairytale-Part 1

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away as you might think lived a very beautiful princess who had two gowns. one was of a beauty beyond compare and when she wore it, everyone who beheld her, fell immediately in love with her. So much so, that albeit she enjoyed the admiration and the constant flurry of complements, she never got a moment’s peace without being stroked, patted, pulled or accosted in some new manner, from above, below, each side, afore and behind.

Her other gown was dark brown and navyblue threaded through with nettles and thistles, so that each time she wore it, people became irritated with her and some even suffered alergies when she approached them. Even her natural beauty was somehow diminished when she wore this gown and her long golden hair tangled with burrs and thorny briars. As you will surely have supposed it wasn’t always a pleasant experience for the princess to wear this gown. But wear it she did, from time to time, just to stop all the pattings and strokings, the pullings and accostingsby man, woman, beast and child, bird of the air and fish of the sea, from above, below, each side, afore and behind.Now please do not be tempted to imagine this princess in only physical terms, for that would be unfair to her, and me and perhaps even to yourself. She was also quite intelligent and was a militant speaker to dispell a myth of that time, that girls with blonde hair were of lesser intellectual capacity than their darker peers. What is more she was an acomplished needlewoman, had a unique an innovative approach to flower-arranging and was never at a loss as to which bow, curtsy or greeting to use with people no matter what their rank, age , sex or station. She’d learned much from books but had also learned valuable lessons from the bees and the trees and the turtle doves. She had even learned a little from the kitchen crickets by listening carefully to their evensong. Indeed this was one of her most valuable lessons, but I can’t tell you it here, it’s better to learn it for yourself.But, despite her intelligence, she was in a proper quandry as to what to do about her gown dilemma. Something told her she would do well to consult with the old crone who lived in a distant turret of the castle and seek her adviceOne morning she awoke early to the sound of the birds and having thought long and hard the night before, she set off on her quest. She slipped on her shoes, donned neither gown and ran naked through the halls, corridors and staircares of the castle. Slumbering guards, dozing sentries, yawning court jesters all dreamed, or thought they dreamed of a beautiful naked woman disappearing round a corner, up or down a stairs, behind a curtain.At last, a little out of breath, but with a healthy glow all over, The girl arrived at the old crone’s door. Her heart was pounding in her chest, partly from the early morning run, but mostly from fear. She had never been in this part of the castle before and she suddenly realised that the air here was darker, the light dimmer and each sound more echoey and distant.She suddenly became acutely aware of her nakedness and tried to hide her breasts and her woman’s parts with her long hair. Shiverring now, with fear and cold she felt a drop of icy sweat snaking its slow path down between her shoulderblades." I will go on", she told herself and felt a spark of courage being fanned by her beating heart into a weak flame, somewhere deep inside her.

Without further thought nor hesitation, she raised her right hand, making a fist and knocked three times on the door.

“Enter, princess” came a soft whispery voice and cobwebs were torn as the door swung inwards. This revealed a narrow spiral staircase of cold moss-covered stone leading upwards into the far, lofty recesses of the turret.“Fear not, princess, if your heart leads you here with a good question”. This time the voice was stronger and the princess knew it was the crone who called from above. “Each step you take now sweet child, is a step nearer to the end, but closer to a new beginning. Ascend, princess.”

once upon a fairytale-Part 1

Mike Dineen

Paris, France

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Artist's Description

Part 1 of a 7 part “classic fairytale”

Artwork Comments

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait

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