A commission - but how much to charge?

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I have a dilemma, a colleague of mine at work is an ameteur musician who has been given a chance to do a small tour based on having created an album (CD for you youngsters out there!!).

He has asked me to take some shots of him that he could use as the album (CD) cover as well as being used in promotional posters for advertising his tour.

My head says that as this means he would need a reasonable print run and based on the success he could need more and more, then a cost per print price model wouldn’t work and that i should agree with him a single cost for a royalty free image – i.e he pays once and can use the picture ad infinitum.

Including travel I imagine that the best part of a day would be used for this and easily a whole day when you consider any post processing that I would need to do. As I only do this as a hobby (albeit that I have taken a couple of paid engagements on previously yhey have been more classic event photography, birthday, christening etc so none on this kind of price model) and I do not want to appear greedy because I would like to use the images myself (I hope anyway) for my own purposes of advertising anybody like to tell me what they would be prepared to pay for this kind of service?

All advice gratefully received, I will happily keep the journal updated with progress and results of the event.



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