Final features of 2008

To conclude 2008 – the following captures had been featured – so thanks to the hosts and the moderators of these groups.

“YO HO HO” was featured in the group ***♂♥♥QUORN♥♥♀

“Merry Christmas From on High” was featured in the group C.O.R.E

“Innocences Lost” was featured in the group C.O.R.E

Innocences lost
Every morning I say hello to him
His vile acts spin around in my head
Outwardly he is such a subtle gentle person – tormented in the nets of humanity
What learning brought him to this place?
His state was incarcerated prior to life’s inception
He holds on to the darkness in the depth of his mind

Silently she cries, tears and fear have gripped her mind
The flesh has been broken down – she feels that she can do no more
She is mentally held captive, alone behind these internal bars
She passes the years of her life sentence
When she can she makes efforts to act in a “normal” way
There is no release from the freight train careering off the rails in her mind

Lucid periods circle and fill his head
At times he feels cured and saved; he feels no harm to anyone
Temporary slots fill his head from the true insanity within
In reality he will return to the years of the developed abyss
The hunting ground continues outside while he remains inside.

She cannot look at the world or him
He has made her unclean
She passes into adulthood – shame continues to haunt her
Society continues to fail her; ineffective SERVICES betray her
No help for her in gaining freedom from her captive mind
There is no release from this mental cage

He stands behind bars for a limited time, freedom creeping near by
Some sense of an unwilling payment for his debt to society
Society continues to pay heavily for him while it awaits the next victim.
Not too long for release from this restrictive place, fresh air to be inhaled soon

Hers is a closed cognitive enclosure till life’s end
This unsolicited act costs her the joy of being her real self
Unsure what to do, she feels she is a burden to all
She is an innocent but tortured soul; there is no release from this place.

Thanks for all your support in 2008 and I look forward to it in the new year 2009 – Best wishes – take care mq

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