Wilropark, South Africa

Sighhh, Had the sheer joy of having a camera in my hands for all of three months, before it met a tragic end against a concrete floor...

Too Late???

I was walking through a retirement village yesterday and overheard this conversation:

An elderly lady was talking of her daughters and was saying that she hardly ever gets to see them and explained that that was because they are incredibly busy. She said that she didn’t mind really because as long as they were busy, they were getting on and doing something with their lives….

This struck me so forcefully and gave me food for thought and yes, cause for regret as well. Both of my parents haved passed on and to my shame and regret I must admit that I was also very busy getting on with my life – working all the hours that God sent.

Looking back now, with kids of my own also busy getting on with their lives, I wish, I do so wish, that I made the time to visit and spend more time with my parents – especially in their later years.

My wish for anyone reading this, is to make the time while there is still time – cherish your parents while they are still with you – don’t one day overhear a simple yet sad conversation of yet another parent making excuses for there kids not visiting them…



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