It's been quite some time

I’m not on RedBubble much. To be honest, life has just been too busy.

I married my best friend this past May….May 24, 2008. It’s been amazing :-)

I was subbing as a parapro (helping disabled students), and though I was signed up to continue for the summer…the days & weeks were shorter and I rarely got phone calls. I was usually too busy adjusting to being married and transforming our apartment into a home. In July I went back to Starbucks.
The first month or so fluctuated between 12 hours and 15 hours. This past week and the current one are more like 32+. All the Michigan State students are back and our store is basically right on campus. Some days it feels like every MSU student is coming in to get a grande carmel frappuccino…or an iced grande non-fat carmel macchiato.

I interviewed 2 Tuesdays ago for a parapro job. I was offered the job several days later. School starts September 2nd and my last day at Starbucks is September 6th.

On top of all this, I’ve been trying to get some photos prepared to go up in Starbucks. Along with the usual errands and things on my to-do list…which seems to be getting longer and longer.

So, a lot of big things have happened over the past several years. I met the love of my life (my first love) married him a year and 3 months later, landed the job I’ve always wanted, and finally am going to have some work on display.

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