I was born in Maldonado ,Uruguay (South America) in 1966.
I attended Maldonado Art school ( Escuela de Bellas Artes ) and studied with the very well known in USA ,Europe and South America , Master CARLOS TONELLI and proffessor MIGUEL BATEGAZORE.
In 1991 ,1997 and 2001 got envolve in several show rooms trough out Uruguay earning recognisment among the artistic local circuit .
After winning a contest about the Uruguayan navy ,I got accepted in "taller de Artes " or arts atellier for teachers and proffessors .
Once there I start appressiating Uruguayan fine arts and learn from artist like GUSTAVO ALAMON,NELVIA ROMERO and CARLOS CAFERA .

Today I hang my pieces in BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA ) in TRENCH GALLERY .
I also hang in Punta del Este city and Montevideo city .
Actually ,I am teaching art in the same school that I learn from ,Maldonado "Bellas Artes " school.

I ’m intresting to find a breakthrow in this business in an international level so I ’am open to new IDEAS in order to try to put my art in others corners of this world .
Do you want to help me??

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