Uh oh..... I don't like that bit!

RB, please advise us how we can opt out of “Sharing”……

Tumblr doesn’t share, it steals! Just like Pinterest, lots of my work is on Tumblr without my permission, without acknowledgement of me as an artist, and without a link to RB. And what if I don’t really want my work on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter? Do I have a choice???

Everything else is awesome, but this is very bad news!

Response from RB:

“If you’d like to prevent people from pinning your item on Pinterest then you can change this setting in your ‘Account Details’ page.

The remainder of the share options aren’t able to be switched off I’m afraid. The ‘share’ button gives people who like and appreciate your work the opportunity to share them via these social networks, and in turn garner greater exposure for your work.

The default Tu

Developments re. Pinterest

For those of us who don’t want our work pinned on Pinterest and have disabled the pinning functionality RB has made a default (see more details here), Mel has written a journal article about some new Pinterest developments which you’ll want to read

Essentially, if you followed the suggestions in my last journal article and found your work all over Pinterest without your knowledge and permission, and if you went to the trouble of filling out their DMCA form, you would have found it very time-consuming and frustrating to have to find all the people who’d pinned your work so that they can remove them all.

Well, the good news is that you only have to find one pin now. You don’t have to find fifty. And they’re starting to show an awareness that not everyone wants their work pinned and that may

How to find out if people are putting your work on the internet without your permission...

… and why all the fuss about Pinning? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, see here

Ummm. Well, I put together a Word Document with screenshots in it to demonstrate my instructions, and although I’ve now managed to get it in here (thanks to picatso – thank you!), it’s a bit small, so hopefully you’ll still get the gist of it.

So. How to find out how many people are happily using your photos in ways you didn’t give them permission to!!

Step 1: Go to
(Thanks, @jarred and @hydnhntr!!!) This little questionmarky-squiggle thingy isn’t the only way to search, but it is the best I’ve found by far.

Step 2: As per the instructions, drag the squiggle link into your bookmarks. The ACTUAL LINK – not the source page! If you can’t drag it into your bookmarks, try r

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