Results are all in: 2012 International Loupe Awards

I’m so so so so very excited (yes, this included happy dancing in the kitchen with a glass of white wine in hand) with my International Loupe Awards results this year. I went a bit overboard with entries this year… but hey, I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t spend money on movies/clothes/books/music so I figured I might as well spend it on Competition Entry Fees!!…


For the first time, I entered the Open Section, and my three entries received a Silver and 2 Bronze awards! (All images are clickable…)

Final Score: 86 (76 / 84 / 93 / 83 / 95)

Final Score: 79 (82 / 86 / 74 / 88 / 67)

Final Score: 78 (80 / 80 / 86 / 76 / 70)

And in the Amateur Category, I entered another nine (!!!) and received 4 Silvers and 5 Bronze Awards!

Final Score: 86

Final Score: 83

Final Score: 83

Final Sc

MiekeBoyntonPhotography on Facebook

I finally decided to “get with the times” and create a Facebook Page for my photography. I’m still learning the ropes (I am getting very confused about where I can put what and whether I’m supposed to reply to comments or whatever…) but according to the guidelines about creating a Page, the thing to do is to get people to “like” or “share” your stuff… so if you feel like having a look and “liking” my page, I’d be much obliged!…

I can’t actually access RB from home at present, and haven’t been able to since September. Telstra has identified the cause as a “Bogon Filter” which RB has confirmed… but apparently can’t do anything about. They have put responsiblity for it with the organisation who owns the server (or something like that) and assur

Collections and Carousels... how to edit the settings.

I just bmailed a friend [who I won’t name and shame!!] who had asked for help in changing settings in his Collections (so that they will show up as Carousels under his photos).…

I thought this might be of benefit to others (and he agreed), so I’m including it here:

How to create and re-order your Collections.

Go to your Profile Page.
Click on your “Portfolio” tab (second tab from the left, under your Avatar).
You’ll see a list of your collections on the left of the page. From here you can re-order the collections (Drag and drop) or add new ones (click “New Collection” at the bottom of the list).

How to Delete a Collection

Go to your Profile Page.
Click on your “Portfolio” tab (second tab from the left, under your Avatar).
Click on the Collection you want to delete. Then look at the top right o

Uh oh..... I don't like that bit!

RB, please advise us how we can opt out of “Sharing”……

Tumblr doesn’t share, it steals! Just like Pinterest, lots of my work is on Tumblr without my permission, without acknowledgement of me as an artist, and without a link to RB. And what if I don’t really want my work on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter? Do I have a choice???

Everything else is awesome, but this is very bad news!

Response from RB:

“If you’d like to prevent people from pinning your item on Pinterest then you can change this setting in your ‘Account Details’ page.

The remainder of the share options aren’t able to be switched off I’m afraid. The ‘share’ button gives people who like and appreciate your work the opportunity to share them via these social networks, and in turn garner greater exposure for your work.

The default Tu

Very cool, RB!! Thanks!

I just uploaded a new work, and after it loaded, I was suprised to notice a format I hadn’t seen before… It looks a lot more like a shopfront!…

It shows your artwork (with a larger-than-ever-before preview if you click on it!) and then underneath, instead of the description and comments, there is a row of large thumbnail views of your portfolio plus rows of thumbnails showing any collections that your artwork is in. (The thumbnail images show up according to whatever you’ve chosen as the default order, which you can access via your profile page. Hover over the ‘cover’ of each collection and you’ll see a little cog/gear show up. If you want to fully customise the order, choose “Custom”, then go into the collection and drag-and-reorder your images).

You can also choose the Default order of y

Are there any APS Members in Perth next weekend?

Hi Bubblers of WA,

I’m going to be in Perth next weekend, and the WA Rep for the Australian Photographic Society (APS for short – here’s their website) has organised a meet-up (for coffee) at Kings Park on Sunday the 4th at 10am.

I just thought I’d pass on the message… if there are any WA photographers in and around Perth who are involved in the APS or have thought about joining, it’d be terrific to see you there!


I'm going on a Tassie adventure... Wanna come?

I’ve never been to Tasmania.

I’ve drooled over Mark’s Cradle Mountain photos for years now…
I’ve marvelled at ClaireBear’s diverse and beautiful scenics from the region
I’ve favourited too many of Robert Mullner’s Tassie photos to count…
I’ve felt myself turn slightly (or not so slightly) green whilst perusing David Murphy’s stunning Tassie collection
and I’ve been mesmerised by the glorious colours captured in Garth Smith’s depictions of the famous mountain range and its lake…

Well, enough’s enough, I say!
I’m going!!
The above team are already gearing up for the Fagus Week 2013, and come what may, April 21st – 28th 2013 will see me joining this wonderful group of photographers and traipsing up hill and down dale to try and get a different angle on one of the most scenic and beautiful… and

Developments re. Pinterest

For those of us who don’t want our work pinned on Pinterest and have disabled the pinning functionality RB has made a default (see more details here), Mel has written a journal article about some new Pinterest developments which you’ll want to read

Essentially, if you followed the suggestions in my last journal article and found your work all over Pinterest without your knowledge and permission, and if you went to the trouble of filling out their DMCA form, you would have found it very time-consuming and frustrating to have to find all the people who’d pinned your work so that they can remove them all.

Well, the good news is that you only have to find one pin now. You don’t have to find fifty. And they’re starting to show an awareness that not everyone wants their work pinned and that may

How to find out if people are putting your work on the internet without your permission...

… and why all the fuss about Pinning? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, see here

Ummm. Well, I put together a Word Document with screenshots in it to demonstrate my instructions, and although I’ve now managed to get it in here (thanks to picatso – thank you!), it’s a bit small, so hopefully you’ll still get the gist of it.

So. How to find out how many people are happily using your photos in ways you didn’t give them permission to!!

Step 1: Go to
(Thanks, @jarred and @hydnhntr!!!) This little questionmarky-squiggle thingy isn’t the only way to search, but it is the best I’ve found by far.

Step 2: As per the instructions, drag the squiggle link into your bookmarks. The ACTUAL LINK – not the source page! If you can’t drag it into your bookmarks, try r

Mister Banjo gets yet another Bone :)

This time, it was so big he couldn’t lift it :) :) :)

The Inaugural Kimberley Photographic Awards were announced in Derby on Saturday Night… with the Overall Award being worth $2000 (from Sponsor Totally Workwear ) plus a $500 Scenic Flight from Slingair Heliwork WA

Click here to read/hear the details on ABC Radio

Thank you VERY MUCH to the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley, and to all the judges and sponsors. Big events like this don’t just happen – HUGE thanks to the hours and hours put in by Caz and the crew!!!

Big congrats to fellow Bubbler Mark Ingram too!

Bubblers winning Awards

Today, the Top 50 placings in each of the six categories of the Better Photography Magazine’s 6th Photograph of the Year Awards were announced!…

These Awards were open to all non-professional photographers all over the world, and it’s a testament to the quality of photographic artists on RedBubble that many of the Top 50 placegetters in each category are part of our Community.

Since there is often a reluctance among artists for them to blow their own trumpet, I’m going to blow it for them!!

Huge congratulations to Suellen Cook for winning the Creative Flair Category with this wonderful photo:

Congratulations to all these RedBubble photographers who all placed in the Top 50 of one or more of the six categories… and apologies in advance if I missed anyone. Please click on the links to go and

One Year On...

Sometimes there’s cause for a small celebration of a milestone, and sometimes it’s nice to celebrate with some friends instead of in your own head……

…so I’d like to share with you that today it’s one whole year since the opening of my Exhibition at Indulgence Cafe in Derby!

It was only supposed to be a three-month exhibition, but somewhere along the line, the owners changed their minds and decided that they were happy to continue the Exhibition indefinitely. Which actually means that I now have a gallery of approximately 20 RB prints hanging in a busy and spacious cafe!

It’s an opportunity to thank the Indulgence team (especially Annalisa and Jodie), and RB for making this possible in a practical way…

…but mostly, I’d like to thank YOU!!!!!!! for your support – right from the beginning whe

We sighed and moaned and berated... they listened... it changed!!


Activity Feed is now Default when you click on your username or the RB Logo!! And I’m not sure when it happened (I think maybe last week?) but the awful grey overlay on all our Collections photos on our Profile Pages is gone too, and we can now see all our Watched Forum topics instead of just the active ones…

EDIT: Apparently that’s not QUITE right…I’ve been informed that the default feed is now whatever feed you last looked at

But since I am always looking at “Activity”, that’s still heaps better than having to click from “Following” to “Activity” every time!!

Yay for RB!!! Thank you for listening!!

Having said that, it seems a LOT more echoe-y ‘round here lately. Does anyone else feel like we had a big buzzing hall filled with light and laughter with a big open fireplace flami

My first YouTube clip! "Dunes of Western Australia"

Ever since I uploaded the series of Dunes photos back in February after a fantastic trip to Nambung National Park/Cervantes/Lancelin in Western Australia with Lori and Thorpey and Jo, I have wanted to make a video clip.…

When I read El Robbo’s journal about his music and listened to the absolutely brilliant Adagioso , I knew I had the music for it. But finding time to do it has been impossible.

Last night, I came home from work a bit grumpy (as I always am when I haven’t had time for photography) and I just decided that “tonight’s the night” and I did it.

I had to watch countless YouTube/Adobe tutorials to figure out how to use Adobe Premiere Elements 8, but there was so much awesome information on the internet that I managed to figure it all out. I crawled into bed at 3:30 this morning :)

A Melbourne meetup this Monday?

Hi Melbournian Bubblers!…

I’m going to be heading to North-East Vic this coming weekend and by happy chance, my plans have changed slightly and I will be in Melbourne on Monday afternoon/evening (ie July 2nd)….

… so I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a healthy dose of city photos! But since I know there are a few Melbournians who might be interested, I’m sending out the call to see whether anyone is free and would like to catch up!

It won’t be anything fancy, mind you… and I’ll probably be whingeing bitterly about the cold weather, but if that doesn’t daunt you, the plan is to check out the amzing work being exhibited by all the awesome Bubbler Street Photographers at their Shot in the Heart of Melbourne Exhibition at 1pm, then walk down to have a coffee at Brunetti’s on the corner

"Landscape and Light" - an exhibition of beautiful RedBubble works (aka SoJie16!)

   Join me at Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I’m thrilled to have three of my photos nominated for this virtual exhibition… and I’m also thrilled that all the artists who translated three of my photos into other artforms have been similarly honoured! Congratulations ladies!! What a buzzing place that workshop has been! If you want to be inspired to pick up a paintbrush or some pastels or give digital painting a go…. or you’re just curious to see how a Virtual Workshop functions, click here.
I HIGHLY recommend it!!
I thought that was exciting enough, but there’s more to come! The Workshop was a lead-up to this SoJie 16 Exhibition, and you can see many of the finished artworks (along with many other amazing pieces of art) by clicking here

I am very excited to have my art selected to

Australian Geographic... Yay!

I just received an email from a friend alerting me to the fact that my Epson Pano results managed to get me into the Australian Geographic Mag (online) under the title “Best Panoramic Photos of 2012”!…

I’m so excited!

Click here to see the page with my photo of ‘The Pinnacles’

And click here to see the page with my photo of ‘Perth City Skyline’

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ve also been nominated in the Black and White Spider Awards this year! They’ll be announcing which photo was nominated at 4am on Sunday (WA time) but I’ll be camping, so I’ll probably find out on Sunday night.

Thanks to all of you who show such overwhelming support for my photography.

I live a long way out woop woop, and my daily interaction with RedBubble (ie. you!!) is how I learn and improve, so my success

Three weeks in Southern France - what an adventure!

It was late last year when my mum rang up

and declared that she and John,
were all booked in
for a six week stay
alongside the River Gardon.…

Six weeks in France! Provence in Spring!

Well, I was green with envy!
But I listened and smiled
and said the right things
and hoped that my mum would believe me.

She told me the apartment was perched on a hill

in a quaint little town near Uzès;
it had views of the river,
its own swimming pool…
and an extra room… for the guests!!

It didn’t take long to convince me to come -

I was thrilled when work gave me ‘the nod’,
I ordered the travel books,
studied the maps
and organised Banjo (my dog).

Magdalena instructed me on basic French phrases;

Jenny loaned me “A Year in Provence”
and on May 27th
the adventure began:
three whole weeks in the South part o

Insurance for cameras, lenses and other photography stuff...

I just bought a brand new Nikon D800 (WHOO HOO!!!!) which means I now own two cameras and four lenses (one I don’t use, but that’s beside the point). I also have lots of filters, filter holders, a remote release, batteries, two tripods, camera bag etc… That all comes to a LOT of $$$… and I’m painfully aware that if anything happened to any of it, I can’t actually afford to replace it.…

So I want to take out some insurance to cover it for stuff like water damage, theft, accidental dropping etc (if that’s possible!!)

Since I have made most of my recent big decisions with the help of the RedBubble Community, I figured I’d ask you lot first to see whether you have any recommendations… or alternatively, if you feel like getting some sympathy, your horror stories so that I know what I need to be

I need to say "Thank you!" but I don't know who to!!

I am not feeling well today, and thought I’d just spend some quality time just peeking in on RB and looking at some beautiful artwork……

… and I saw some of those dollar sign symbols and just about fell off my chair!

To the mystery buyer who just parted with A LOT of your hard-earned cash to purchase my work, I can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful. You’ve absolutely made my weekend. THANK YOU!!!!

If you do read this, please send me a bmail or email I’d really love to thank you ‘in person’.

Wishing anyone else who happens to stop by to read this a VERY HAPPY EASTER – may the hope and forgiveness of the Season be with you :)


EDIT: Oh my. I really don’t know what to say now, but to the OTHER anonymous purchaser who just bought a print of Purity… Thank you s

Foto Freo Festival (Fremantle, WA)

Firstly, I must apologise for being so tardy in responding to your wonderful comments lately… I have been really ‘under the pump’ with work and I’ve not had any time to play on RB :( :( :( I’m sorry!!! I hope things will quieten down soon and I won’t have to be so rude anymore.…

Okay, so I just wanted to put in a quick plug for the Foto Freo Festival which is currently underway in Fremantle (near Perth), Western Australia.

I can’t go.

So why this Journal entry?

Well, apart from the fact that there’s a whole heap of photography workshops and exhibitions and other cool stuff, they also had a competition called WA Life and I managed to get three of my photos into the Final 36 images, which are currently on display at various locations around Fremantle.

So because I can’t go, I’d be so thrille

Bet you didn't agree to this site hosting your work...

EDIT: 29/01/2012

Earlier today, I received a bmail from an RB friend (thanks, Iwona!) alerting me to some copyright shenanigans by some dodgy websites.

Janis and others have managed to get these websites taken down, but this one is still happily hosting your work without permission.

Have a look – copy and paste the following url in the address bar, but instead of my name, put yours…

They appear to be using Google Images to power these pages. Grrr.

Anyway, if your stuff is there, here is the place to lodge your complaint, and here is the DMCA notice to cut and paste (Thanks, Janis!!)

You might notice t

For all you Aussies out there...

I try not to be overtly patriotic (especially as I live in the Kimberley and am acutely aware of the complex and violent history of Australia’s past 200 years), but when I hear that song, “I am Australian”, I do get emotional.…

Why do I bring this up? Well, you can’t favourite a Group Message, and Bevlea’s stunning Group message in the Australia@Large Group just about brought me to tears… (Okay, I’m lying. I did actually get teary!)

She has used the words of Bruce Woodley and Dobe Netwon’s song “I am Australian” and has found photographs from the group to accompany each line.

If you have even a slightly patriotic bone in your body, I suggest you take the time to have a look by clicking here… It’s a wonderful idea, and my hat is off to her for taking the time to put it all together so beaut

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait