...and a delightful day was had by all!!

Yesterday (well, actually, it’s now after 4am so technically it’s the day before yesterday… but who needs to be technical??) our merry group of Melbourne Bubblers wandered around the city with cameras in hand and spent a truly delightful day chatting to each other, learning from each other, laughing with each other and – of course – taking photographs of this fine city and its people.

The day began with coffee at Brunetti’s on Swanston Street, where John Holding had been waiting for some time after getting up at some un-Godly hour to brave a chilly and overcast dawn. We were soon joined by David Hibberd (Davo), Leanne Robson and her son Colin, and Christine Wilson.

Our first “walk-through” was Cathedral Arcade but due to the fact that there was a police station across the road, and cop cars were parked at either end, it was a challenge to get photos without reflections of blue and white checkers everywhere. We continued on to Degraves Street where John Conway, Janet Rogerson and Heather Prince were awaiting our arrival after catching the early morning train from Geelong. We took some photos in Degraves Street, and then the nine of us started heading off towards the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria).

Degraves Street detail

Davo discovered a walkway leading down under Flinders Street just as it started to rain, so Leanne, John H, Christine, Colin and I followed him down the stairs and discovered a fabulous installation of 3-dimensional artwork by Melbourne-based artist Andrew Gutteridge.

Close up of a section of Andrew Gutteridge’s installation in the open access exhibition space below Flinders Street

Close up of a section of cut-out-artwork in the open access exhibition space below Flinders Street

The nine of us eventually got to the NGV… early. Still, there were other early birds there, so we photographed them (of course)!

Outside the National Gallery of Victoria

The Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion Exhibition was fantastic. Over 200 beautifully crafted Black & White photographs, and a collection of more than 30 garments from the 1920s and ‘30s… If you’re in Melbourne between now and March 2nd, you really should go and check it out.

Photos weren’t allowed, but I took a sneaky pic of the room just so you could get a sense of what it was like…

We had made arrangements with the wonderful staff at RedBubble Headquarters to have lunch with them, and we were delighted to be met at the door by Troy and Tamarra who took us upstairs to meet Jason, Melissa, James and Neil – the Saturday Team!

The fabulous RB Saturday Team – James, Troy, Jason, Neil, Tamarra and Melissa

Thanks for the coffees and lunch, RedBubble!!

Janet Rogerson, John Conway and Heather Prince listening to Troy giving us a Red Bubble history lesson

We were treated to a tour and an introduction by Troy… and somewhere between arriving and leaving, we were joined by Larry Lingard/Davis, Harry Oldmeadow, John Fowler, Peter Hammer, Maggie Hegarty, Karen E. Camilleri and Vicki Moritz!

Janet Rogerson, John Conway, Heather Prince, Larry Lingard/Davis (in front), David Hibberd (Davo), Colin Robson, Leanne Robson John Fowler, John Holding, Troy, Tamarra, Peter Hammer, James (at back), Maggie Hegarty, Karen E. Camilleri, Neil, Christine Wilson, and Harry Oldmeadow. I’m holding the camera :)

Having prevented the lovely RB staff from doing work for far too long, it was time to continue on. Next stop: the famous Hosier Lane and less famous Rutledge Lane (right beside it). My friend Steven Arends was waiting there for us too!

A couple of boys at work in Rutledge Lane

Hosier Lane graffiti art

Hosier Lane artwork

Rutledge Lane

The Block Arcade and Royal Arcade were the next two stops on the itinerary, and we were joined by Bernard -aka Rhoufi and Sandra -aka Liza1880 and Charles Kosina

The Block Arcade

Larry Lingard/Davis and Leanne Robson in the Block Arcade

Janet Rogerson, Peter Hammer, and a spectacularly red-haired lady who posed for them in the Bourke St Mall

Davo reported that our next destination (333 Collins St) was closed, so we had a quick discussion and headed for the State Library (via Coops Leadpipe and Shot Tower at Melbourne Central)…

Coops Leadpipe and Shot Tower at Melbourne Central Station

The Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria

John Conway sharing a moment with the marble bust of some fellow (Google won’t tell me who it is!!!)

We were more than ready to put our feet up after that, so we headed down to Riverland Bar and Cafe on the Yarra for dinner and drinks. Jenni Tanner and her husband Barry joined us for the frivolity at this point :)

Janet Rogerson, Vicki Moritz, Susan (hidden), Bernard (aka Rhoufi), Heather Prince and John Conway

Barry Tanner, Colin Robson, Leanne Robson, Christine Wilson, John Holding, Peter Hammer, Charles Kosina, Jenni Tanner

Janet Rogerson, Bernard (Rhoufi), Heather Prince, Barry Tanner, Colin Robson, Leanne Robson, Christine Wilson, John Holding, Jenni Tanner, Vicki Moritz, John Conway and Sandra

Finally, the last leg of the day was sunset down at the Princes Pier and I was delighted to find Stephanie Johnson and Kylie Reid already set up and shooting the unexpectedly colourful sky. Yay!!

Princes Pier at sunset

It was a fantastic day, and I particularly want to thank those who travelled significant distances to join us from Bendigo, Mt Waverley, the Dandenongs, Mt Evelyn, Melton, Geelong, Colac and Greensborough. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun without you all!!

I promised that I’d include links to everyone’s profiles so that we can all find each other, so – in no particular order – here is the cast of characters for the day:
John Holding
Leanne Robson
David Hibberd
Christine Wilson
John Conway
Janet Rogerson
Heather Prince
Larry Lingard
Harry Oldmeadow
John Fowler
Peter Hammer
Maggie Hegarty
Karen E. Camilleri
Vicki Moritz
Steven Arends
Bernhard (aka Rhoufi)
Sandra (aka Liza 1880)
Charles Kosina
Jenni Tanner
Stephanie Johnson
Kylie Reid

Time for bed now!!!!

Apologies if I don’t have the chance to respond to comments for the next week… I’m going to be out of internet range for a while (another grand adventure!!)

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