How I draw a "Lipstick girl" step by step

You don’t need a lot of lipsticks to draw a picture.
I used a coloured paper, 4 Elizabeth Arden lipsticks (gold shine, bronze lame, redwood, echoes), lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation and a white chalk.
Use my fingers to blend the colours.
Think of 3 tones.

Step 1:
Draw the outline.

Step 2:
Add darker tone.

Step 3:
Add lighter tone.

Step 4:
Still working and adding darker tones and lighter tones but take advantage of using a coloured paper, keep sienna as a mid tone.

Step 5:
It is almost finished.
But it is getting dark outside and I realised it didn’t have enough light for the camera.
So I had to stop working it.

Final image:
Lipstick girl E

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