"Cosmopolitan, Baileys or Midori?"

“Cosmopolitan, Baileys or Midori?”

Are we on the brink of another great depression? If so how do we cope? We do what folks in the roaring 20’s did. We live in the moment. We celebrate life with our friends. We dance, we laugh, we have a cocktail and immerse ourselves in culture. There is a place we can enjoy all of these things. In the heart of the city three international artists mix a cocktail of sweet, spicy and musical treats with paintings looking at the lighter side of life. “Celebrating the music that heals us”- Midori Furze . “Inspired by the pinups of Gil Elvgren and the Goth’s and Lollita’s of Japan and using humour to tell stories of the craziness that is life.”- Laurie McKern . “Capturing the mood of another era, where times where hard, but life was lived to the fullest”- Petra Pinn .
This is your invitation to leave your worries at the door and visit the long awaited exhibition of these diverse female artists originally from Japan, Canada and Germany who have come together sharing a vision to open people’s eyes to the beauty in life. Come and view delights such as- Meat Pie , She Married the Eiffel Tower , and Don’t Call Me Sushi!
Meet the artists at the opening: Monday May 25, 6:30pm to 8:30pm of “Cosmopolitan, Baileys or Midori?” Proudly presented at the Arthouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000. The exhibition will run from May 25 to June 20.
The Arthouse Hotel has a rich history integral to the colonial past of Sydney. Originally designed in 1830, it was one of the first place the public could receive an education. In 1999, a team of designers and architects transformed it into a functional and splendorous space. The building still maintains its 19 century characteristics.

Artists –
Midori Furze (www.midorifurze.com)
Laurie McKern (www.lauriemckern.com.au)
Petra Pinn (www.petrapinn.net)

Exhibition – "Cosmopolitan, Baileys or Midori?”
Dome restaurant – Level 1, The Verge & Gallery Bar – Ground Floor
The Arthouse Hotel 275 Pitt St Sydney 2000 NSW
May 25 – June 20 2009 (Free Admission)
Opening night – Monday May 25 2009 6.30 – 8.30pm

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