*Kafka's Interview* Let's Focus on Kafka!!!

There is a brand new initiative coming from the great creative brain of Red Bubble’s Jo O’Brien who has begun a chain of interviews, dedicated to spreading the love and creativity.
She asked MuscularTeeth to start a chain.
He interviewed Karin Taylor and Butchart .
Karin interviewed Frozenfa and Mui-Ling Teh !!
Then Frozenfa interviewed BarbBarcikKeith and me!!!!!!!! What an honour!!
Also Mui-Ling Teh interviewed Jo Holden and Paul Compton!
I interviewed hahpistuff

Now I interview wonderful kafka!!

kafka Talks Creativity

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

That is quite a difficult question for me to answer as I am a full-time artist who spends most of my time in some way connected to my work. It would be easier for me to describe how other aspects of my life affect my creativity! I spend nearly all of my time thinking about the next painting, sculpture, drawing, design or photograph that I have lined up – often more than one at the same time! This means that nearly everything else in my life becomes the subject of some sort of creative project or other (even if it/they/she doesn’t particularly want to !)

It also means that ordinary, everyday stuff gets done without me paying all that much attention – for example; the other day I offered to help out my girlfriend by cutting the grass in her garden. I was happily mowing away, up and down the garden all the while thinking about a new commissioned piece that I have just got in, I was just deciding whether to use Le Corbusier’s modulor as a basis for the compositional format when there was a strange noise from the mower – I looked down from my ivory tower and discovered that I and my still whirring lawnmower were in the middle of a bed of beautiful irises that were just about in flower……..(OH shiiiiiiiit……….’well it looked just like long grass…..darling…?’)

Another thing that I have just started is flying light aircraft – you would think that that was safe from artistic intervention – but no…..no sooner am I up there than, instead of just enjoying the buzz, I have to start thinking about and planning paintings and projects all to do with flying – What I suppose I mean is – life, all of it, gets turned into art in some way or another……….!

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful

There are so many wonderful people here and I have been very lucky to have made friends with many of them in the nine months since I joined the community it is really impossible to pick just one person. Marilyn Brown (my fellow co-host at the Painters in Modern Times group) has been an absolute inspiration in the way that she puts so much time and work into the group, always ready to help and is just a totally lovely person. Susan Grissom is a good friend and an exceptional painter of talent and vision. Mariska, Sophie, Sam, Marie, Rosh, Entity, Carmen……the list just goes on. I have had wonderful inspirational arguments and discussions with Mufa (now sadly gone) Martin, Carson, Revad et al in the forums of PiMT and elsewhere. Everything about this great art community can surprise and inspire you – CC Arsharga wrote a beautiful poem inspired by one of my paintings (what a great moment!) – my friend Midori asks to interview me (how great is that?!) I love this place!

There is one special person here who has been a great friend and has shown nothing but kindness and love (as she does to all) since we first met. Her avatar is Micmac but I call her Gigi. She is not a painter like me, she is a photographer, but she always understands what I am trying to do, and she always ‘gets’ my work (sometimes before I do !!) She just knows the sound of my footsteps and I love her for it.

Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you

The Death of the Little Prince by Micmac

Gigi made this beautiful image for me………it just says it all really.

My piano has been drinking by Midori Furze

Tom Waits rules!!! OK

Untitled by Susan Grissom

Susan is a fabulous painter, her work is quiet yet very deep. I return to her portfolio many times just to remind myself of what real painting can do.

Deluge by Mcdowell Finlyson

Mcdowell is an astonishing painter with an incredible vision – painting that really takes you there.

Rhythm of Time by Samuel Durkin

Sam is very much a hard-working and dedicated painter’s painter. He never fails to produce absolutely top quality work and, like me, understands how difficult it is to make your way in the world as an artist. He has lived the life and somehow managed to get through it.

There are so many others that I could mention, forgive me my friends if your name or your work is not here, it doesn’t mean I am not thinking of you.

Thank you Nigel!!
Keep an eye on kafka’s journal!
He’ll be posting two more interviews like this sooooooooooooon.
I wonder who he’ll interview!!!

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