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Fill Your Temple With Light....

So I was taking a shower this morning and had the most beautiful self realization ever, and I just thought I would have to share….

Its time to redecorate my inner temple….The inner temple houses the spirit, our consciousness…..Why have the walls of my temple smeared with crap from the past…..why do I view my inner self, my inner goddess, so badly, for no reason at all but because of the past, the hard times as a small child, the lack of love that my inner child needed to grow and flower to become a goddess was not there….but that does not matter now…..I am grown up and as I grew I let the world shape my inner vision of myself, a big mistake, but one we all make because of the society we live in, well i am tired of looking at myself that way….I decide what is beautiful…why decorate my inner temple the way society teaches us to….who are they to tell us who and what we are….SO now it is time to take off the goggles of society and see myself for what I am….me…I am a goddess,(just like you are) and my body and mind are my temple…..Its time to fill my temple with light and love and happiness……My body is sacred for it houses, me and everything I am and it keeps me here in this physical realm or reality……So why let anything or anyone into my temple who would pollute my holy space…..you would not let someone into your home who would disrespect your home or family, so the reflective value here is so important…….never let anyone into your temple who would not respect you, for you and never let anyone defile your sacred space……another important fact is you cant let the influence of the world around you make you defile your own temple…..always keep your temple full of light and love, then you will float for then you can drop the weight of the world around you, drop the lead….reach that alchemical level of gold so when the time comes to leave this finite place you can ascend , and since the nature of this universe that like attracts like, gold attracts gold, light attracts light….therefore when you fill your inner temple with light and love when your spirit is freed from the physical temple, your light and love will only do what is natural, move to more light and more love, for light and love is valued by frequency….If you let the weight of the world fill you and your sacred temple with crap, the value of crap on an alchemical level is lead, so filling your sacred temple with lead will only lead to your spirit being weighed down, and sinking and rooting itself deeper into the lead, like attracts like and then you face the solidification of your spirit…..I for one choose to be free and flowing and moving, upward and onward, free of weight , free of fear and only embracing the light and the love…….

Fill your inner temple with light and love, free yourself from the pain and fear of the past and never let the walls of your beautiful inner temple be defiled by anyone or anything…..free yourself from the circular loops of fear based nonsense of todays world, for if you are light, you can only be light and the ways of this place are only finite and you are infinite….

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