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Back from a long hiatus from redbubble! Feels good to be back in an inspired space again ♥ while my life went through fire, I came out a...


Its All Gone......

Downloaded a viruses yesterday, it wormed though out my computer infecting all my program files, restoration files, system files, duplicating itself as it went….there was no stopping it, my virus soft ware failed me miserably….its all gone…this morning I tried my last attempt to save at least my art work, all my hard work, all my new projects…..the virus would Not let me move my file folders off of my computer, would not let me move them into the network space……I realized what had to be done and I Cried, what a baby, I know…but oh man!!!! Why?! Because some board program designer thinks he is just so cool for creating a super devastating, non-stoppable virus…
We completely re-formatted the hard drive, all the data lost but hey I have my computer still, and its way faster now, thats a plus,…

Wow Thanks so Much!

A Huge Thank You to the Purchaser of my The Event Horizon Piece, I am just so happy that you liked my work!!! You made my day and I just hope you enjoy your new art piece!
Also wanted to send out a thank you to the purchaser of He Lives, Tshirt
Also sending out a thank you to the purchaser of my Petagram Tshirt

I Hope you enjoy your shirts and look good sporting them around ;)
I miss the days where RB would tell you Who bought your stuff ;)
Peace Always,


How I spent the Majority of 2009, 100 pounds - Gone FOREVER!

OK so not many of you probably know that I was (glad to finally say was) a woman who had a lot of weight to loose. Well December 11th 2008 was the day I decided to stop carrying so much weight, emotional and physical, and what a journey it has been.
Lets just say you have to do a lot of soul searching to be able to bring the real you to the surface. Well here I am 100 pounds gone forever, I still am working on the last 20-30, but with as much as I got gone, I know I can finish off the rest, so cheers to 2009, it has been my year, make it yours too, accomplish something you thought you never could accomplish!
I am thinking of writing a book now, a self help motivational/spiritual thing, we will see how it goes ;) Now that I have done the majority of inner work, I need to get back into my a

A Journey....Finding the Treasure Within...

I started this journey think about only losing weight, and I am finding that it is about so much more….I started asking myself, “Who are you….really?”. May sound kind of funny at first, but it is really an important question. Who are you? Really? At first we ramble off the obvious….but when you really think about it, its goes so much deeper than just the surface. Who are you, do you remember who you were as a child, as a teenager, do you remember that you are still you and that you are apart of everything you have ever been……

It seems somewhere along the way I have detached myself, I got caught up in all that was around me and forgot about myself….As women we spend so much time thinking about everyone else, our partners, our children, our friends, our employers and colleagues,….it seems n

In Need of Advice

I know I have been away for such a long time, it feels like forever since I have created art….ah what can I say life, it has its ups and downs….right now me and my fiance are in between a rock and a hard place….…

What do you do when the Doctors wont do anything?
My fiance has been to many doctors for his back, we think he may have a herniated disk, when he goes to these doctors not only do they ask him retarded questions like ’Why are you standing like that?", but they send him away with a diagnosis of depression!
His back is getting worse every day, he cant really walk with out crutches, and he cant even stand up straight, he curves over to one side. How can the doctors not see that there is something very wrong with this 36 year old man, father of three who cant even play with his children

A Call for Change, A Call for Love, A Call for Humanity........Weapons of Mass Creation!

The time is now, we have to come together as one, we are one, and we need Change and we need it Now!
I am begging for 1 hour and 23 minutes of your time, for your own knowledge, for knowledge is power and we Do have the power to Change the World!
I am calling my fellow brothers and sisters of Humanity, come together, create a world fueled by love of life, fueled by intelligence, help create the world where no one goes hungry, a world where there is a future for humanity, for all life on Earth…..…

There is a huge problem in our world, but there is an AMAZING Solution-The Addendum

This is the movie that can really change the world, if people will only take the time to listen, to learn, and to open up to change for a brighter future for all life!
We need to get out from under the control of thes

Precious Life and Those in the Race for Power.....

Now I am not a very political soul, as most of you know, but when I saw this info it made me so very angry and I thought it would be good to share since it is getting close to the time for those voting booths to open…..I will not be voting this year there are only two choices and I cant stand either one….Here is some info from the Defenders of Wildlife~…

Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President, promotes the practice of Aerial Wolf Hunting, exploiting a loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act to allow private wolf killers to shoot down wolves using aircraft. To encourage the killing, she even proposed a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf!

We have to get the word out about this! Please watch this powerful new television ad by Defenders of Wildlif

Zeigeist-The Movie...Spread Love not Fear!!!

Spread Love and Knowledge…wake up from the "American Dream’ and remember you are beautiful!
In Peace and Love Always….…

The Link~


The Info~

Zeitgeist, produced by Peter Joseph, was created as a nonprofit expression to

inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that
very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist
was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on
this site lists the basic sources used / referenced and the developing Interactive Transcript includes
exact source references and further information. A Q & A page is also being developed.

Now, it’s important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things t

My Mr. Symon's Happy Tale : )~*

Look at Mr Symon : ) After our long journey Symon is happy, healthy and getting a beautiful summer coat! The vet told me to put him on a special diet of meat, rice and potatoes, I add a little garlic to taste and wallah Symon has a healthy home made meal that he cant get enough of hehe : )
Just wanted to give you guys an update on his story, I love happy endings, dont you : )
Thanks for all of the support and help!
Hugs from me and licks from Symon!
Peace and Love!

My Latest Endeavor

Deep Australian Amethyst Choker

My newest endeavor, what do you think?
I used to love making beaded jewelry as a teen,
now I can make more complicated pieces.
My plan is to get a table at the local swap meet
and sell my beaded pieces, and also sell
hand made hemp jewelry,
tie dyed clothing and blankets , my sexy man is going to
use his dremel and create carved walking sticks,
I am also going to promote my animal portraits
and other artwork.
My brother is going to come along and play his guitar
and have a change can, like a true hippie : )
So I think this is the beginning of something
I have a dream of one day opening a
Hippie bead and commission shop….
ohhhh ya : )
And I am going to start doing custom
healing and goddess crystal/gem jewelry,
I love that stuff : )

Anyway thats what I have

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