Without Dylan

I knew I would need to be strong to get through the day. It was my first day at music school and I was here alone. Without my best friend. I sat on my bed thinking about him. His messy, brown hair. Smokey grey eyes. Why did he have to leave? He meant everything to me. Now he’s just… gone. I looked over at the corkboard pinned above my desk. It was filled with a million different pictures of us- when we went camping, my birthday, his birthday, when we were at the fair. We were smiling in all of them. If not at the camera, then at each other.
I looked under the corkboard to my favourite photo which was framed and sitting on my desk. It was a picture of Dylan and I. It was taken last summer. Dylan’s family and my family went on holiday together. I smiled in remembrance of that summer. It was the best summer of my life. We went to the beach, swam in the swimming pool out our back garden and even went to parties. It was amazing.
I picked up my phone and dialled his number out of habit. It rang, and rang, but there was no answer. There hasn’t been for months. There never will be again. I ran a hand through my curly blonde hair and then lay back on my bed. I thought back to that summer. The first time we met. When we became friends. Drifting back to a memory, I sighed.
I got out of the car. We had been in there for four hours. I needed fresh air. I had never, in my eleven years of life, taking such a long trip in the car. I looked at the house we had yet to move into. Wow, big. Great, I thought. Now, where’s my room. I ran into the two storey and climbed the stairs. I passed each room, until I finally found mine, after like, ages, and climbed onto the bed. I studied the room. It had purple walls. Interesting. I looked out the glass window that faced out onto a big green. There were about a million trees. As I looked around the green, I spotted a couple of boys my age sitting in one of them. I stared at them. Then one boy noticed and stared back at me. He looks nice, I had thought.
I ran back out of my room and zoomed down the stairs, shouting to my Mom to tell her I was going outside. I ran over to the tree I spotted the boys in and looked up. Obviously they had noticed me coming over because they all looked down to me. “Are you moving in there?” One of the boys asked me.
I nodded my head and said yes. “I’m Louise.”
He looked at me again nodding. “I’m Cian, this is Luke. My brother.” He pointed to the smaller boy, with the same red hair, sitting across from him. He looked maybe eight.
“I’m Dylan,” the third boy called. “I live next door to you.” He pointed behind my back towards the houses. “I live in the blue one.” He smiled. I smiled back because he seemed nice. I hope he’s in my class. Or at least the same school. “Do you want to climb up to us? I mean, can you climb up to us? Are you able to climb trees?” I huffed then nodded my head in defiance and began to climb. I made it up in no time. “Wow, you’re really, really fast. And you actually climbed it! That’s amazing. For a girl.” He smirked.
“When I was at my old house there was a climbing place there. My Mom used to bring me before we moved here.” I explained.
“That’s really cool!” Liam- is that his name? -said. He pronounced the ‘r’ like it had a ‘w’ in front of it. “Hey, Cian. Can we go to a climbing place?” He asked his big brother.
“I don’t know. We have to ask Mam. I really hope we can. I want to do that too…” Cian went into a conversation with his little brother so I turned to talk to Derek. Derek? Is that his name? I couldn’t remember. So I asked.
“What’s your name again? Derek?” He huffed.
“My name’s not Derek. My name’s Dylan. You want to be my friend, don’t you? ‘Cause I want to be your friend. Are you going to be go to my school?” He replied.
“Em… sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I looked down at the ground. “I just forgot. I can forget, can’t I?”
“Yeah, I’m sorry too. We can still be friends. It’s okay. Just try not to forget again. So, are you going to my school? I go to St. Daniel’s primary school. Are you going to go there? It’s really close to here.”
I thought back to when my Mom was talking about my new school. “Well, she said I was going to something Daniel, or, Daniel’s something. She said it was close too, so, I guess so.”
He beamed at me. “Cool. We can walk together.” I smiled back. I like this kid. He’s cool.
Cian and Luke joined back into our talk. We had a long chat until it was dinner time. I came back out to play after. Cian said that Luke and he lived across the road and they went to the same school as Dylan. The one that I would be going to.
I didn’t notice but there were tears rolling down my face. I dabbed at them with a tissue I found in my pocket. Each time I saw a picture of Dylan, I remembered the last day I saw him.
“No Louise. Stop it! That’s not fair, okay? You just can’t do that.” He shouted at me.
“I-I’m sorry! I really didn’t mean to hurt you.” I tried to explain but he wouldn’t let me.
“No, Louise. Just leave me alone.” I watched as he walked out of my house and across my garden. I followed him as he walked to the crossroads. I watched as his turned back to look at me. I watched as he ran in front of the car. He watched as I called out his name, fear flashing in my eyes. I watched as the car knocked him over. I watched his body lying on the tarmac. I watched as he bled to death.
That’s the problem. All I did was watch.
I was immobile. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything when I should have. I watched as the driver drove away. I watched as all of our neighbours piled onto the street. I watched his parents’ distraught faces as they saw their youngest son lying barely conscious on the road, and his best friend standing there, doing nothing. I watched as the police and ambulance came. I watched, and watched and watched. All that was left to do now was go home. He was dead and I hadn’t done anything.
I rolled over onto my side and stared at the wall. I remembered how he laughed. It was always soft. I remembered how he used to play the guitar too. He was very good at playing the guitar. That’s why he should have been going to music school with me. Not sitting in a coffin, buried under a mountain of dirt. I bawled.
Why did he have to leave me? Why did that stupid guy run him over? Why did we have to fight? I found myself no longer crying with as much pain, but more anger. I punched my pillow, imagining it to be the guy who ran Dylan over.
“You killed my best friend!” I screamed at it. “Not only was he my best friend. He was my other half! You killed my best friend! And as you lie in your bed asleep, content with life; I find ways of trying to cope with mine.” Maybe it was a bit dramatic but, anyhow.
I buried my head in the pillow and sobbed. “Why him? Why the only person that actually had meaning in my life? I just don’t understand.”
Every time I thought about him I ended up happy from the memories, then sad because we wouldn’t be making any more and then angry because it was Dylan’s life that was taken by that stupid driver. He just had to drive his car through the crossroads at that moment.
I closed my eyes and looked up to the ceiling in prayer. “Please, God. Bring him back to me? I need my best friend back,” I pleaded, closing my eyes, tired from all the crying. I slowly drifted off to sleep, playing back memories of our childhood together.

Without Dylan


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A short story in which a young girl, Louise, has to face going off to school without her best friend by her side.

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