Hello my fellow artists and fans of the creative world.

I feel like slapping myself silly for not joining this site earlier. Nevertheless I am happy to be here. I see so many amazing artists here, it’s just astounding!

Just to let you know how I got here, I found this site through another artist on Yuwie. What’s Yuwie? Well it is a new social networking site that is very much like myspace and facebook, only with one very intersting twist. They pay YOU for your efforts!! Yes indeedy my friends. You can see my own site at <a href=“http://www.yuwie.com/mida&#8221; target "new">www.yuwie.com/mida&lt;/a&gt; and also check out a special blog I set up at <a href=“http://yuwie4u.blogspot.com&#8221; target "new">http://yuwie4u.blogspot.com&lt;/a&gt; and view the video clip that explains it all. if we are gonna do what we’re already doing for nothing, why not get paid for it, makes sense huh?


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