Who am I?

I know this Punk and Hardcore group was my idea, but I’m actually finding it hard to sit here and write some meaningful info about myself.

If you look at my profile you can see I came to Red Bubble to enter a writing competition, and I am getting continually distracted by taking photographs!
That said I have managed to write a few things :

Okay about the Punk and Hardcore side of things: I’m 43 and I have been involved in punk since I was 13, starting off as a consumer of records, zines, t-shirts and other merchandise, before getting more involved in the scene.

Aside from all of the usual stuff, I was one of the founder members of Flat Earth Records and I have played guitar, and sometimes sung, in the following bands:

Blood Robots
Anything But That
One By One

I currently play guitar in Jinn and balance that with the demands of a full time job, a young family, an elderly mother, making my own beer, writing and taking photographs! I’m sure I have missed something out there!

At the moment I am writing a grown up novel about a guy called Ferenc and his tragic and amusing journey through life

A short story “Brilliant” for a benefit publication for War Child which may or may not get accepted, and I am polishing up my short children’s story “George The Pig” for a competition at the end of the month. So I’m not up too much at the moment :^)

Okay hope to see lots of people posting things here, and I’m sure it’s going to be fun to see what people are up to.



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