War Child benefit book: You're Not The Only One is out now

The War Child benefit book “You’re Not The Only One”, put together by Peach , is now out and features short stories from Twisted Tales Hosts DBA Lehane and Micky McGuinness.

It costs £12.50: £5.00 goes to production costs (that Lulu take and pass on) ,Lulu.com takes £1.50 for themselves in fees (but I THINK they’re going to waive that), and the rest, £6 goes to Warchild.

If you buy it as a download, £10 of the £12.50 goes to Warchild

There are 106 contributors and I’m sure that more of them may well be Red Bubble members; as the book was fairly well plugged here.

So if you are in let me know, and I’ll add you name to this post.

As I ordered my copies two days ago, I don’t know what Darren’s contribution is like; but I’m sure it’s up to his usual standard. As for my contribution: it’s a bit different from the stuff I post up here; it’s got quite a lot of dialect in it and its very dialogue heavy. So if you hated Nailed then you probably won’t like this either!

Regardless of whether you like either Darren’s or my work; the book and the project are well worth supporting.



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