Little Lucy’s Mousy

Little Lucy saw a mouse,
it scared her so, and she ran from the house,
so a neighbour asked her, “what’s the grouse?”
“the grouse, is a mouse, in the house”,
“it was a big mouse, big as our house”’
said little Lucy quite out of breath,
and also she was scared to death.

“Are you quite sure?” the neighbour said,
you did not see, but dreamt instead?"
“Why, whoever heard a mouse so tall?”
“Compared to you they are quite small!”
“I really think you must be sick,
a good night’s rest should do the trick!”

“I don’t need sleep, I don’t need rest.”
“I need someone, that mouse to wrest.”
“I see him with his ears so huge,”
“He turns my way. Dares me to move.”
“I dare not stay, I dare not go.”
“Oh neighbour, please, he scares me so!”

“Poor little Lucy”, the neighbour cried,
“your fears I’m sure aren’t justified”
“come, hold my hand, and we’ll return”,
“into your home where we will learn”,
“the size and shape of this great mouse”,
“that lives and breathes inside your house”,

“Are you quite sure oh neighbour dear,”
“You won’t run from this mouse in fear?”
“He is quite big and may be mean”
“He hides a lot and can’t be seen!”
“I’m sure he just comes out at night”
“To give unwary ones a fright”.

“Pooh pooh, oh no,” the neighbour said.
“I’m not one to lose my head.”
“He may hide and weigh a ton,”
“But find him I will, I won’t run!”
“Why this is your house and if, as you say,”
”he is there, then he must not stay!”

“But he is big and we are small,
“He may not want to leave at all!”
“What should we do if he puts up a fight”
“Turn around and just take flight”
“I cannot bear to run away”
“But what if he decides to stay?”

“That is no matter, Lucy dear,”
“I will not have you run in fear.”
“He may be big and may be tall”
“But it will be no use to bawl”
“If we fret ourselves, run from the house,”
“Not him but us will be the mouse!”

“Thank you neighbour,” (his name was Joe)
“If you’ll come with me, then I’ll go.”
“Back into the house, to find his lair,”
“and make him leave, get out of there!”
“Together we will have the power”
“To prise him from his ivory tower!”

So into the house went Lucy and Joe,
Prepared to meet this mousy foe.
They took with them a great big torch,
and slowly entered on to the porch,
to face and conquer Lucy’s fear,
and meet this mouse that was so near.

As they went in the house was dark
They crossed the room in a great big arc
Staying close, not making a sound,
Lest they wake the mouse who was around,
lurking in a corner, to catch the unwary,
I tell you what, this scene is scary.

Joe crept ahead now into the parlour
and what he saw was an awful squalor
It looked as if that giant mouse
had rampaged right through the house
The things knocked flying everywhere
Seemed a tornado had run through there.

Joe motioned Lucy to be still,
to enter that room took all his will
If that beastie was still there
Joe decided he did not care
to meet the Mouse who’d made this mess,
he turned to flee but caught his breath.

There in the hall way lay the light,
Knocked to the floor, but still burning bright,
The pool of welcome light intended,
Now became harsh, and distended,
Shining out its eerie hue,
Creating shadows, which neither knew.

Then they saw their mighty foe………….
So they thought, but it was Lucy’s toe
Making a shadow in the light
It gave poor Lucy an awful fright.

Joe too, I think, was a bit dismayed
And would have ran, but instead he stayed
And giggled with Lucy when they both knew
It was only her foot without a shoe

Lucy stood before him her features changing
her mouth turning up, her breath exchanging
(she took was a sharp intake of breath )
(and made a sound Joe would never forget)
through fits of laughter she had to confess
it was her all along who had caused the mess

‘I came down the stairs in a bit of a state,
Crossed the hallway, I was running late
I bumped the table, which stood, over there
The lamp went crashing to the foot of the stair
So I turned around to tidy the house
There in the corner stood a great mouse’

“Then Joe you see, when I saw that great mouse”
“I just picked myself up and ran from the house”
“I knocked these things down ( in my rush) just to get away”
“and vowed only to clean up after night turned to day”
“I would only return when that mouse had flown”
“And even then not on my own”

So Lucy and Joe started clearing up things
To make Lucy’s house as it had been
They’d had a quite eventful night
And even had a little fright
But now as calm became restored
The two of them were quite assured

As Joe stood up to say goodbye
He said to Lucy “Please don’t cry”
“Don’t be scared of the things you see”
“They may be just imaginary”
“Just take your time to look around”
“And then you’ll sleep, safe and sound.”

Little Lucy’s Mousy


Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

  • Artist

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