The Great Wall of Mexico

Millions of people live in poverty around the world and in the United States of America, this is a fact that no one person or government could deny or hide. The issues that surround the reasons for such devastation could be argued to great length and the real reason surrounding such poverty will never be found. In fact everyone makes it a point to shield away from such topics and with close eyes and a suppress heart we pretend that the problem is someone else’s. As thousands of people cross our borders illegally in pursuit of a better life or the so call “American Dream” they find themselves living in the shadows of society enduring exploitation, discrimination, and sickness, soon their dreams are nothing more than a nightmare unthinkable to be endure by any human being. Every day negative information about illegal immigrant resonance across multi news station as if the country is been indoctrinated into believing that they are responsible for the failures of our government. Many theories could be exploited as to who is behind such propaganda, but at the end it will be nothing more than theories with no impact on a solution that will eliminate or place some control on the actual problems surrounding immigration.
However what you won’t see or hear the President, Senator or any Congressman talk about is the monetary contributions of illegal immigrants towards Social Security or Medicare. Eduardo Porter wrote an article in the New York Times in April 5, 2005 where he said that illegal immigrants are providing the system as much as $7 billion dollars a year with no rights to benefits at the age of retirement. An argument could be made that illegal immigrants are maintaining Social Security and Medicare afloat. As INS officers are seen taking into custody illegal immigrants that are working. Separating them from their Families and children as if they were animals sorted for the market. We could also subtract years from the continuation of Social Security, Medicare and the destruction of family values as government parade themselves for the media exhibiting illegal immigrants as trophies.
There are 2,000 Miles of U.S.Mexico border and is estimated that each year approximately 1 million undocumented immigrants will try to gained entry into this country and is estimated that 500 hundred will died attempting the crossing and Politician will present this problem to the nation as if they truly care about the illegal immigrant. Politicians will tell the nation that Immigrants are dying daily in their quest for a better life and even those who are able to make the border crossing into the United States are exploited by employers and in some instances women are forced into prostitution and slavery. Politicians will sell this propaganda to the public pretending that those are the real issues surrounding illegal Immigration. The great political minds of Washington after month of evaluation and discussion under the leadership of President George W. Bush they came up with the idea of a $2.2 Billion Dollar fence that will help control illegal immigration between Mexico and The United States of America.
The $2.2 Billion Dollar fence is just the cost to built, if the estimate is correct, which probably is not and will cost a lot more than originally projected. The cost that has not been talked about is the monitoring or the maintenance which will probably amount into the millions of dollars a year. Another interesting part of this border fence is that once is built illegal immigration will find another way into the country, perhaps they will have to walk a couple of days more and yes many more will died because of this fence.
The immigration department is a total failure and no one could say otherwise, their policies and solution to repair their failures will cost hundreds of life. What would be the solution to control the illegal pass-ways into the United States of America is very easy, none, there is no solution because there is no cooperation from the Mexican Government and the U.S. Government does not pressure them into helping with the illegal border crossings. There is no doubt that desperation and quick useless solutions to use the National Guard are ineffective and a waste of tax payers’ money to confront a problem with deep roots and controversy within the government.
As controversial as it might be government has fail to educate or to convey to the people that illegal immigration plays a big part in maintaining our economy moving forward. When the bigotry within the government stops, then and only then would a fair solution will be found to stop or to minimize the current flow of illegal immigrants.

The Great Wall of Mexico

Carlos Maitin

North Bergen, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

The immigration problem is very real and complex. The solution for illegal immigration does not start at our borders; it starts in Washington with our Politicians. Building a wall between Mexico and the United States of America will not resolve the issues. The smugglers or Coyotes as they are known will profit from the wall as people will have to pay more to be smuggle into the USA. The risk of lost life will also increase as people attempting to gain illegal access to the USA will have to travel longer distances. What about the cost to maintain such wall?

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