An Angels Voice

“An Angels Voice”

I have been left alone in this world, to be cared for by strangers that have given me so much love that I could not describe it. But I remember a voice, I believe that it was my mother’s voice, because when she sang to me I felt like I was hearing the voice of a thousand angels, how beautiful that voice was, I don’t know what happened to that voice? for when I came into this world, I saw my mother’s face and she was so beautiful and I remember thinking that some day I will be just like her. .I was so happy. I don’t remember doing anything wrong, but she left me alone and I have never seen her again. I keep asking myself, what have I done mommy? But I can’t find an answer. When I grow up I will search the world for you mommy, I just need to know why you left me.
I go to school now and I am learning the colors, they are beautiful but not as beautiful as you are mommy. It was parent’s night at school and I went, because I thought that you would come. I waited but you never came, maybe you were busy. Its ok mommy I love you.
Today I celebrated my eighteenth birthday and I was sad because I have not found you, but mommy I heard your voice singing to me and the words that you sang brought tears to my eyes, like the ones you had when you left me. Mommy, before I forget, I met a boy the other day and he has asked me to go to the movies with him. I like him a lot and he is real nice I hope that you don’t mind that I go because I really like him, oh by the way his name is Tommy.
Mommy I have great news remember Tommy, guess what? We are getting married and we are going to have a party and I have a table reserved for you right in the front, just look for the table with the name mommy because you never told me your name. It’s ok that I don’t know your name because I could still smell your perfume and I could hear your heavenly voice, I hope that you could come so you could share this moment with me.
Today, mommy, I have given birth to a beautiful baby girl, she weighs 7 pounds and 5 ounces, and she is so beautiful mommy. As I was looking at her, I could not help but to cry because I could not understand what could I have possibly done to you mommy for you to leave. Please forgive me mommy and give me a chance to prove to you that I am a good daughter. I can’t help my tears as I think of you mommy, but to my baby girl I promise to always be there. I will tell her of a heavenly voice that I once heard and never will I forget. I will tell her that her grandmother loved her very much and that someday you will come to see her.
I am old mommy and the doctors have not given me very long to live and I am afraid that I will never get the chance to tell you how much I have always loved you.

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