Environmental help urgently needed!

Does anyone know an environmental scientist (or whatever) who can advise me on how to stop a proposed intensive feedlot planned for a property on the banks of the Condamine River (the site being less than 300 metres from the river) which, as we all know flows into the Murray-Darling River system.

This feedlot wants 2080 SCU which means that they want to keep up to 2080 cattle weighing 600kg at the time they truck them off to the market. And this large amount of pooing creatures will be right beside the Condamine River.

This proposal and the site of the feedlot is totally inappropriate.

The Qld Department of Primary Industries is of no help to the neighbouring properties because their role (as I see it) is to advise these environmental vandals as to how their proposals do not meet their current regulations and they give details as to why and how to fix it.

Okay, over those who care about the dwindling waterways in Australia. Michelle.

P.S. I have written to Malcolm Turnbull,Stuart Copeland, Peter Garrett (with no response)and other politicians not asking for their intervention but for advice as to whom to talk to about stopping this proposed pollution to our Australian waterways.

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