Not too good to be true!

I have just received my Red Bubble cards in the mail. I had read that they were excellent. I had also been told by a friend that the quality of the photographic paper was very, very good.

And they are just perfect.

I showed my co-worker and she was so impressed that she said she wanted to order some works as Christmas cards.

I decided that my first order would be from photographs I have taken of our farm.

I actually joined Red Bubble to upload my essays so I do admit that I am not a “photographer” (and I am sure that others will agree) but over time I decided to add some photos and they are ones that mean a lot to me and my family.

Someone actually bought one of the photographs as soon as I made it available as a card. Thank you to that someone!

Recently I have been trolling through the site and I have begun to compile a list of photographs from various artists.

Thanks Red Bubble for the opportunity to access these wonderful works.

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