NEW GROUP LAUNCHED in RB : Akhal-Tekes, Arabs & Thoroughbreds

Dear friends,
You might already have noticed that my main subject is horses . To be more precise the breed of Akhal-Tekes. No such group existed on RB, reason why together with Dan I submitted my request to RB. TOO COOL, this morning I got a mail that our plan to launch such a new group was agreed upon. As only Akhal-Tekes might have been for too small a public we thought it would be nice to have a group with the2 thoroughbred cousins breeds To those who might not know it, there exist 3!!, yes 3 breeds of Thoroughbred an d that is how our group is called: Akhal-Tekes, Arabs & Thoroughbreds
In fact I noticed that no group exist neither for Arabs nor thoroughbreds either.
I uploaded a couple of my pics, but we need YOU. So please surf by have a look , feel free to join and upload your work.

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