Michelle Behar

Curitiba, Brazil

Michelle Behar / Nationality: Brazilian / Born in Guatemala on 28/07/1955 / Living in Curitiba – PR – Brazil / E-Mail:...

Book of Life

The Book of Life does not come written
We are the ones who write it down.
But it comes with certain topics
already marked in its chapters.
They are our sacred contracts
which we ourselves chose
even before the witting began,
and we will have to live them.
Something will always take us
to those lines that will arise.
It is always good to see
a new chapter that begins.
That will raise us in joy
or will carry us into suffering.
Will show us by pain
or will lead us with love.
Because life will always be
an everlasting construction
of this being that in order to grow
lives in eternal evolution.
Michelle Behar

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