The Love Train, I missed.

The Love train, I missed.

The sea was chiseled by the ship that left a trail behind. It was like the ship was a time machine and the trail was the past and the chisel was the present. It was one blistering stormy hot day funnier enough when this unusual thing happened, it doesn’t come very often, I had a brainstorm. What was this idea I hear you cry, to create a business. All I wondered now was what kind of business. As the ship wondered slowly to shore the trail that the ship made slowly disappeared as I saw all the old buildings that lay before me, I wondered what kind of business I wanted to create. Now now that would be telling if I told you what that idea was, you are going to have to wait and find out. But I will tell you this much it will be a journey that you’ll remember.

As I walked, a perfect road lay before me, lay a perfect neighbour hood and as you walk past the perfect houses you find a perfect house and in the drive way you see a perfect car. I’m waffling a bit aren’t I, well you get my point, everything in this neighbour hood is perfect even the air that surrounds the objects is a perfect sweet smell. So everything is perfect or are they?

With no job and no girl friend except the one which her fatal words came from her throat and burst with power out of her mouth and the words that came out were “Jack I’m leaving you”, she shouted, out side my bedroom window. I’m not cleaning up after you anymore. She was wherein a bright red skirt and red pointy high heals. She even had red hair to match her look. I swear she’d have red eyes if she could. Oh by the way she loves blood red.

“Don’t leave me, please don’t leave me.” I replied reaching with my hand outside the window.

At this moment in time the moon was bright white and a woman passed our house with a very white poodle. The woman fairly old about in her sixties had short white curly hair almost mirror imaging the dog. As she walked she looked over at me with her pail blue eyes which reflected the object around her. She created this shadow that spread over the floor.

As I looked at her I suddenly with no hesitation quickly breathed in and then out as I said “Good evening love.” She then said hi and carried walking.

Another person from next door shouted from their window saying will you shut up I’m trying to sleep it is eleven o’clock at night.

My name is Marie and I’m his girl friend. I will never forget when I first sore him. After he had sipped his drink he wiped his lip with his finger. He made me feel so sexy that I began to move my leg up and down as my legs were crossed. The colourful lighting only just made it so I could see his face to walk over to him in my nice black velvet skirt. We were very happy for a while then things went wrong.

When looking at the night sky she had finally left, I slithered back through my window. I sat down and began to laugh then cry when I had a horrible thought who’s going to do my washing now? After saying that I reached for the newspaper. On sifting through the paper, some thing fell out. What is this I thought? It read, Are you looking for a girl friend? Yes, well come to this address. I got all excited; blood began to rush through my veins. As my lovely Aston Martin was temporally out of use I went in to my pocket to get my iphone to call a cab.

After going through pure hell of going through traffic, listening to Elvis singing show me the way to go home. Now I don’t mean Elvis I mean the taxi driver was called Elvis. How do I know his name was called Elvis? Well his name was on the card he gave me. As I entered this massive great big building there was a boy moping the floor. I looked down to the floor and sore that there were black and white squares like a chessboard. Further on from the boy mopping the floor there were two children playing chess on the floor that the boy is mopping. Talking about the boy mopping he looked skinny like he had not eaten for days and the two kids playing chess were fat and they were eating an ice bun. I remember thinking there is something wrong here. So I walked up to him and said what is your name? And you know what he said to me I’m not aloud to talk to the costumers.

“Are you all right?” Scratching the back of his head and facing down as he said it.

“Yes.” He said politely.

You know how he was dressed don’t you, no well I’ll tell you. He was dressed up in a striped uniform that looked like pajamas. I thought it was strange especially when he said it is not safe to talk to me. I was quite shook up by that.

Anyway I’m here to have fun, so I ran to the man behind the glass. Guess what it was my friend Steve, he was wearing the same as the boy mopping. I thought what is going on hear then. He’s a funny guy, very intelligent. “Oh hello what are you doing here?”

“I’m not a doctor any more?” He said sadly.

“Why not?” I said in a curies manner with my eye brows going down.

“I hated it so I left.”

“How’s your boy friend doing?” I said happily.

With his hand on his head he said “he’s dead” A tear crept out of his eye and on to his face. It was as if the tear was scared to come out or something and that it had feelings.

“When?” Opening my eye brows in shock.

“Last year.” Any way you’re the person we sent the ticket to, aren’t you? He suddenly went all happy when he said it, smiling from ear to ear. But strangely enough he wasn’t looking at me when he was saying it.

I looked round to see what he was looking at and he was looking at a man who had a white shirt on and an arm band with a swastika on it.

“I know what you want.” The man said in a creepy manor as if there was a massage behind what he said. The next train is in two minutes so you better run.”

“Um” Jack gormlessly looked at him. To if to say what do I do now.

“Go on then.” He laughed as he said it.

“Alright then.”

“Oh sorry” he suddenly said “I forgot what year do you want to go for.”

“Year, what do you mean year?”

“Oh they never read the small print do they.” Well I’ll tell you then each train will take you back in time within reason back to the dinosaurs, maybe a problem”

“I don’t know I haven’t really thought about it.” Jack’s entire face went all wrinkly as thought.

“Or you could take pot luck.”

“Alright then I’ll take pot luck then”

All I could see is a woman standing on the back of the train as I was running and the train was moving gently away from me. It just went to my brain that I did not know her name running towards the train. She was waving at me or I hoped she was waving at me, waving goodbye I hoped not, she was a young blond and there was only one word to describe her she was beautiful. She looked ringing wet but she also looked like a diamond. I have to remind you that it is dark and she reflected the moon like a sparkling diamond perfectly. There were also two couples kissing at the side of her. I have to assume that they were a girl and a boy kissing or were they. Now back to the girl. She is wearing a white netting top it looked like it was see through. The lights sifted through her clothing to show the colour of her skin. Oh how I wanted to get on that train, I could imagine my self-getting on it. I shouted stop that train but it still didn’t stop moving away from me. Why do I describe her as a diamond, well she reflected gods colours perfectly. I can see greens browns pinks even though it was dark. The water sculptured her female human parts perfectly. Now it’s time to tell the story of the love train I missed. I should really call this story love at first sight because it was love at first sight and speaking of sight her eyes were light blue I think well it was dark wasn’t it. If only I wasn’t so long talking to that man I would of got on that train.

I looked up and noticed that water was falling through the sky. I began to move my hands up to my face and began to rub my face, watching my hands dripping wet. The liquid that was dripping from my fingertips looked like a diamond so much that I forgot it was only water, so I moved my hand up to one of my fingers and caught one of the drops. I cried when I realized that it was only water. It was like she was that water droplet and I felt scared that she would not be a diamond. If there was a day that the sky cried it would be today.

There are dreams you wake up that you are glad that it was a dream and there are dreams that you are hoping that are true and that was one of them. I franticly woke up and hoped it was not a dream. I asked this man who was one of the workers how I got on this train and he said.

“You were found laying on the station so we put you on this train.”

“Oh thanks.” I said sarcastically laughing and grinning as I said it.

“That’s alright just doing our job. We don’t want you missing the train again do we.”

“So where am I going.” Jack said rubbing his lips with his finger as he said it

“I don’t know what’s your ticket say.” His face fround up wards and either side of his mouth dropt.

“Ticket, what ticket.” He was shock to hear that because he couldn’t remember

“The ticket you’ve got in your hand.”

“Oh.” I looked down, my eyes lit up when I saw that it read London 1888. I then thought this is for real, that was not a dream.

I grabbed the newspaper that was in front of me and began to read it. I looked up and noticed that a woman sitting across from where I was sitting. She was wherein clothing that looks like it came out of the 19th century in fact come to think of it she looks like she has come out of the 19th century. When looking through the window, he knottiest that everything was changing. All the new buildings were disappearing. “How are we going back in time?” I said to the old lady.

Well let me tell you we are going so fast that we are cutting through the earths atmosphere and so making time go backwards”. You were dreaming what were you dreaming about, was it about sexy me?

“Really.” Of course I new the old witch didn’t know what she was talking about. So I got up and asked this man and he said the same. This has got to be a joke I thought, we can’t actually be going back in time it’s impossible.

When I went back to my seat I starting to get talking to an old witch and I directly noticed that eyes sparkled in the candle light in pinks blues and any other colour you can think of. Her eyes were mind-blowing. I began to stare into her eyes and then shook my head when I realized I was staring. But that was all that was stunning about her. She had jet-black hair and I turned up my nose to her face. When I looked out side the window I could see we were moving in an alarming manor and every thing seemed to slowly change.

Here I am, it is the boss of the company and I know what you are wondering are they really going back in time, well in truth they are not but he thinks he is, isn’t this fun. So if he is not going back in time then how can he be seeing everything is changing, well for a start the train is not moving it’s on a simulator and the windows are simply screens.

Looking at my foot I slowly touched the ground that I was about to walk on, in disbelief that I have traveled through time and that I am finally here. I felt like the first man on the moon.

When I went out side the train station it was like being in the movies with people swarming around like bees. Just watching the wheels of the carts going round filed me with excitement. As I walked past all the shops I could feel my feet felt strange I just could not believe I was in 1888. The excitement went through my entire body and right through my veins. I then saw this seat at the side of the road. I began to rub my chin with my fingertips I drooped my eyes as I hesitated to sit down. I decided to sit. Something made me sit on this seat, don’t ask me why. So I sat down. What was I looking at I hear you cry. What kind of questions that, at the women of course and the horse and carts but I think we have covered that. I sat until night became day which when I looked at my clock I could see it was about five o clock in the morning. Light is about an hour away.

As I was walking along the path looking through shiny shop windows some thing court my eye. It was a fish, a tropical fish in fact and as I was looking at this fish it suddenly winked at me. When it did that I opened my mouth in shock, I was stunned. I ran in the shop and burst out you know that fish in the window how much do you want for it. The shop smelt of smoke and it was almost dark just a load of candles that showed the path to the shopkeeper.

“It depends.” The old man had a lisp which means his tong kept on getting away when he spoke. He had this strange looking hat on which made him look like a French artist. He also had a long beard weaved in and out. Al I could he is this bubble sound where there is a man sitting in the corner smoking pot. The smoke whisked up and mixed in the atmosphere of the room that surrounded the beautiful gold animals in the room. There were tigers, elephants, and other weird animals all made out of gold plated. Then there is his eyes which were almost black and his skin was almost had no pigment at all.

Jack suddenly laughed and then said “Depends on what.”

“It depends on how much it is worth to you.” The old mans eyes rolled back and his nose went a degree upwards.

“Everything.” Jack grinned and his whole eyes lit up in excitement.

“Alright give me everything you own.”

So I gave him my Rolex watch that cost me 12 thousand pounds. I even gave him all the money I had which was about 50 pounds. I also gave him something that my mother gave to me on her deathbed. She died of a brain tumor when she was just 51. She said never look to the past always look to the future. I had the perfect life, the perfect girl friend, perfect job or so it seemed. She died when I was just 20.

“What’s your name?” I said to the person in my shop. I thought there’s one born every second in this world.

“Jack.” He winked. All I could see was the back of him when he left my shop. I could see him through the window of the door holding it up to his face to look at it.

“I’ll call you the Flipper.” Jack said smiling.

Just when I was thinking I wish I could kiss one of these women, I could feel something on my ear it was a woman blowing on my ear. She said have you got a light in a sweet beautiful voice. I looked round and this woman had slaver dripping from her mouth which seemed to vibrate like string on a guitar and move as she talked. She had red hair with a blood red bow at the back. Her hair was like a bunch of string weaving together. Her make up looked like it was painted on and her face was covered with waltz. She then suddenly whipped her lips with her hand.

What’s your name? She said licking her rosy red chops. She was completely disgusting and as ugly as they come her breath smelt like a red ripe rose her teeth were as white as snow. Her face being the rose part and the body being the stem, hard to hold but once held never dropped. Hang on a moment apart from her disgusting habits she was lovely. Alright her face was not perfect fare from it actually her nose stuck out like a mile and her teeth were not perfect either they stuck out as well. But she had some thing about her.

Hang on a moment that woman is not supposed to be their talking to that man. Who is she? Some one stop her she could ruin our entire plans on the girl we have planed for him. If he is seen with this woman out side this business it could really do our business harm. We as a business are supposed to give men and women only the most beautiful people and this woman is less than beautiful. He seems to like her. How do we know? It’s all in the eyes. His light blue eyes sparkled in the blazing sun which incidentally is just studio lighting. All my god their fingers touched. It was like touching the floor of a desert and when we touched the desert sun shone so bright on her skin. Just then that memory of that girl on the back of that train flue away, up up over the clouds. It was like a bee buzzing around in my head, ready to fly away. Just then a man walked towards her. He had a mustache and he was wearing a dirty black bowler hat. Although he was young in his 30s, I would think, his face was wrinkly and grubby with soot.

When just leaving the year with sadness that I did not catch that train and hope at the same time that one day in the future I will find my true love. May be not in the past but in the future. Puff puff went the train as I left the rain and went into the equally cold train coach. The lady was still sitting there even now, you know the one I described as an old witch, you know, oh you can’t remember.

“So how was your trip.” She said caringly.

“Oh don’t ask.”

“She then eerily laughed.”

“It’s not funny.” He said angrily.

“Oh I’m not laughing.” So tell me about it.

It depends on what viewpoint on whether we traveled to the past or not we did in his mind. And I do not think that he really thought he was going to the past, it is just he wanted to believe it as I would. So do I think we are right to fall the public yes of course I do because we make a dream a reality.
Chapter 2
The making of the fake time train that became the love train I missed.
We did in fact try various vehicles to fall the public, we didn’t have a lot of money yet, so we got a go cart. We were planning to push it down the hill with them in it and we did in fact try it on a woman but she landed in hospital with a broken leg. I looked at this blond with a perfect face for a couple of seconds as she sat in the go cart and then looked at the birds in the sky. The scream seamed to last for ever like a piece of string as she burst down the hill and that is not the only thing that burst her stomach did with what she eat before. Our natural instincts were that maybe that was not a good idea. Then Bill said lets try and get some funding, so we went round banks and they all laughed in our faces. However the last bank manager also laughed in our faces but some one over heard us speaking to him.

“Howdy, I do apologies but I’ve just over heard you say that you are looking for funding for a business.” The old well dressed man said. He was in a white suite which seemed to shimmer in the office lights. He had a long gray beard which seamed to wind and weave like a river and dark bouldering brown eyes.

“Lets grab a coffee and you can tell me about it.”

We did in fact go to a extremely flashy Chinese restaurant which must of cost an arm and a leg. I then thought this is the man we want for investing in our business.

“So tell me your idea for this business.” The man said a curies manner with the wrinkles on his fore head creased up as his eyebrows went up.

“Well, We plan. Both of them said together in an enthusiastic way. With them smiling and there voices and breath coming out like a hurricane

Ok ok One at a time, Please. The old man panicked as he said it

“We plan to fall people to thinking that they are going back in time.”

“How do you plan to do this?”

“Well we need money to buy a train.”

“How much will that cost?” Scoffing his face on a biscuit as he said it.

“Well we are not shore.”

“Well do you think a million will do.”

We looked at each other and shouted out to each other, yes.

“Now I think your idea is a great one and I think it will make lots of money but there is a snag.” He said. Where are we going to find people who are that stupid.

So did we make money, yes of course we did, loads. In fact we did more than that fooled the world in thinking that you could go back in time. Now it’s the most wealthiest business in the world. The money went higher as he chucked it on the table.

The Love Train, I missed.

Michael Ricketts

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This story is about a company which fools people in to thinking that you can go back in time when really the people are actors and the sets are just props. You will find out why it is called the love train I missed by reading it.


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