Changing Colours

Changing Colours.
He could hear nothing, except the waves bashing, thumping against the side of the ship and the sound of brushes cleaning the floor. He could hear the sound of the wind howling through the keyhole of his door that the wind created, which was withering, like the skin of an old man. He could see a vision of his own ghost holding his daughter who disappeared from his arms. That ghostly image from his haunted past lingered in the present and conflicted like two colours that clash.
It was a bitterly cold but a sunny day and a man wearing a scruffy black coat and brown leather boots, is sitting on a dark brown oak chair, at a solid, thick-legged desk, running ink along the page, sprinting to the end of his suicide letter, which he signed Captain Jack Chuckle. The sound of him writing reminded me of when I was a child and I could hear rats scuttling and scratching around in the roof. He then grabs hold of his gun and began to move it up, to his face. Just then the door went ‘knock knock.’ The door seam to move forward as the door went knock, knock.
Chuckle cried out “Who’s that knocking”. His eyelids suddenly began to widen, and his mouth dropped open, exposing his tongue to the sea air and the smells that came out of it.
“It’s me,” said a voice from behind the door.
“Who’s me?”, Chuckle replied angrily.
The voice called out and said “Wanting permission to come in”.
Chuckle, who was curious as to who was behind the voice, said “You’ve got my permission.”
“Oh good”.
Chuckle responded impatiently “Well come along”. I haven’t got all day.”
Immediately after he said that, he grabbed his sword in anticipation lifting it over his head, and with one thrust of his arm, he plunged the point into the wood of the desk. Just then with a puff of smoke the candle swallowed the flame. It was as if the flame was alive and that it could feel fear.
Then the door began to creak open, letting the light burst in. As the door began to widen, the light scattered over the floor like dust, and created a shadow of a man.
When not one part of his body was hidden, the boy closed the door. His body started to shake, and so did the door, with the wind pushing against it.
“The wind Is quick and alert this morning”, the boy said in an enthusiastic voice.
“So what have l done to deserve this disturbance.” Chuckle said
Well nothing sir”
“If you have know reason to disturb me then why”. Chuckle
“O’h l have a reason
“Don’t disturb me while l’m talking”. So what is that reason?" Chuckle said
“Um, well l doesn’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know” Chuckle said.
“How to tell you this”.
The door swung open and as the wind got sucked out of the door way, the door slammed shut.

The boy’s hair looked greasy and he is dressed in a white shirt, which you can’t tell because it being so dirty. It looks like a light brown colour. He also wore black trousers, which were far too short and came up to his knees.
Suddenly the door swung open, pushing him to the ground.
His sword sliced through the shadow and into the light. Chuckle then goes into the light, showing his face. Chuckle pressed the point of his sword against the boy’s chin.
“yes, it certainly is” Chuckle said, in an enthusiastic way.
“So what have I done to deserve this disturbance?” Chuckle said.
“well nothing sir.”
“If you have no reason to disturb me then?”
“Oh I have a reason.”
“So what is your reason then?” Chuckle said, in an impatient manner.
“Um, well I don’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?” Chuckle said crunching his face as he spoke.
“I don’t know how to tell you this.” Turning his head side to side.
The door swung open and as the wind got sucked out of the doorway, the door slammed shut.
“I’ve come to tell you that we’ve found a little girl.”
“Did you just say a girl?”, chuckle said in a surprising and curious way.
“Yes I did.”
“Where have you found this little girl?” Has she come out of the sky? Has she risen from the sea? Has she come out of the wood like woodworm? I mean there’s a lot of wood around here.”
“No she’s in a boat, just floating on the sea.”
With every word, Chuckle persisted on jabbing the point of his sword into the boy’s stomach, as he said, ”You better hope and pray that you are not lying , or the air that you breath will be your last.” Chuckle said.
The sound that came from his mouth came through his nose, with a vivid sniff. With that, he called for his dog, who with a burst of exploding energy, immediately sprung to his feet.
“Alright, lets have a look at this girl.” Chuckle said
“Chuckle went around her as if she was an obstacle that was in the way.
The little girl is wearing a long white skirt which was draping on the floor and has curly hair.
While walking round the little girl, Chuckle says in an angry voice. “Come on you little roach, get up and on your feet. Where did you come from?”
“I don’t know.” The little girl said in a puzzled way.
“What do you mean?” Chuckle said, in a surprised and disbelieving voice.
“I mean I don’t know.” Said the little girl looking puzzled.
“Alright, what your name?” Chuckle said.
“I don’t know that either.” The girl said
“A girl with no name.”
It was 1840 and you would have known my name by now from the suicide letter I wrote after I began this journey around the world. It was a hot summers day, the birds were chirping in the trees which were rattling in the breeze and a beautiful light green. The houses were white with dark brown panels going up. The ship was made out of beautifully dark polished wood, which you can see the sun light shimmering on it.
“She can’t come.”
“Why not?” Chuckle said suspiciously.
“Because she may fall in the sea.”
“No she won’t, I’ll look after her.”
“You better.”
I did not realise the danger that I was putting on my daughter in when I let her go with me.
The first night we were out, I didn’t expect what happened. Well I expected it but no where near as bad. It was a storm, a big storm. I could hear the waves thumping against the wood of the ship. The ship went up and down, side to side.
It all happened when I was writing something and she was sitting on the desk preside me. She suddenly leapt off the desk and out the door. I ran after her. She fell in the sea because she slipped on the floor. I tried to grab hold of her, but I couldn’t reach her. I then jumped in to the water to try and save her. I grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her up to the surface. I managed to get her on board the ship. I tried to give her mouth to mouth but it was no food, she was dead. If only I didn’t take her with me. I could feel my eyes filling up with tears like a puddle and then with it’s wait leaking out on to my face.
I am now embarking on the journey of my life. I plan to be the first person to travel around the world.

The door with no audible knock, opened.
“Oh it’s time.” The girl said
“What’s the time?, I mean, time for what? Chuckle said.
“Time to go back to what I came from.” The little girl said.
“Oh don’t go, why do you have to go?” I’ve just made tea.” Chuckle said.
“I just do, my job’s done here, and I have to go home. I don’t belong here. This is not my home.”
“Couldn’t you make this your home ?” Chuckle said.
“No.” The little girl responded.
“Who are you ?” Chuckle said.
“I’m just a friend that came and went.”
“Why did you come to me? Why me?” Chuckle said.
“To change you.” The little girl said.
“Can I get in touch with you?” Chuckle said curiously.
“No, you can’t.” The little girl said persistently.
The little girl grabs hold of Chuckle’s hand. The girl then slowly separates her hand from Chuckle’s hand. As they separate, the little girl says, “Don’t give up.”
“Thank you” Chuckle said.
Chuckle says in an unhappy way. The little girl walked backwards into the light. As Chuckle watched her walk backwards into the light, the light began to filter through her. The tears in his eyes filling up and started to sparkle. They then suddenly fell from his eyelids and down his cheeks.
Chuckle walked round his desk, sat down, looked at the suicide letter and then screwed it up. He then threw it in the bin.

Changing Colours

Michael Ricketts

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This story is about a man who’s daughter has drowned in the sea. Just before he is about to kill himself he hears a knock on the door. They have just found a little girl in a boat. The girl changes his mind about killing him self.

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