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Opera House Vivid lights Metal Print


  • Available in high gloss or satin
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Cleanable surface
  • Lightweight aluminium is literally infused with the chosen artwork


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Opera House Vivid lights

Designed by Michael Matthews
Photographed in Sydney, Australia with a Canon 400D. Vivid Sydney 2011 kicked off on May 27 with a fascinating & colourful display of moving lights over the sails of the Opera House. With art supplied by French collective Superbien, this years display is more dynamic & entertaining than the slowly changing displays from the past 2 years though a bit harder to photograph due to the mobile nature of the works. As such what you see is quite different to what appears through the camera. The real thing is more entertaining I think. There were 45 light installations at Circular Quay & the Rocks & the displays ran until June 13. Sold an 8" x 12" print of this photo to a work colleague on July 15, 2011 & a 10" x 15" print to a work customer on Aug 23, 2011. *Features* Your Magic Place, May 2011. Islands of the World, May 2011. Artists Universe, May 2011. Australian Landmarks & Icons, June 2011. Zingers, Aug 2011. Shapes & Patterns, Sept 2011. Focus on New South Wales, Sept 2011. Superbly Visual, Sept 2011. Explore Page, Oct 2011. Art for Sale, Dec 2011. Exquisition, Jan 2012. Snaptacular, Apr 2012. High Quality Images, May 2012. Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House, Sept 2012. Australia At Large, Feb 2013. Featured For A Challenge, July 2014. *Challenge Wins* The Sydney Opera House challenge, The Addicted Photographer group, June 2011. History of the World, Part 2, Through the Eye of the Lens group, Oct 2011. Let There Be Lights challenge , Focus on New South Wales, Dec 2011. 1766 views as of Sept 15, 2012. *More images* !,375x360,b,s,Vml2aWQgT3BlcmEgSG91c2UgZnJvbSB0aGUgYnJpZGdl.jpg!: !,375x360,b,s,Vml2aWQgT3BlcmEgSG91c2UgLi4gd2l0aCBjcnVpc2UgYm9hdA%3D%3D.jpg!: !,375x360,b,s,Vml2aWQgU3lkbmV5IDIwMTE%3D.jpg!: !,375x360,b,s,VW5mYW1pbGlhciBDdXN0b21z.jpg!:

Opera House Vivid lights Metal Print

Designed by Michael Matthews


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