I Started A Group Here at RedBubble: THE BUYERS CLUB

Wanna join? This Group is not for everyone.

It’s called THE BUYERS CLUB. Go to GROUPS…find it…and JOIN—if you are willing to BUY…then, eventually you may get a sale, too.

Tired of not selling a thing on this site…or just a ‘greeting card’ now & then?
THE BUYERS CLUB requires EVERY member to make 2 purchases per year.
This means each member must buy something OTHER THAN A GREETING CARD…a print, a t-shirt, a calendar….Members must make one purchase
btwn Jan-June 2009
and one purchase btwn July—Dec 2009.

Each member may sell something within their ENTIRE portfolio…you are not restricted by what you upload to the GROUP.

I’m hoping this Group creates more sales for those of us who want to sell more of our work. THE CANVAS PRINTS are amazing here…ever order one?

Find one you LOVE…and order it…and you’ll see.

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