Give A “Warm Cold Nose” Hug From Lennox This Winter

Give A “Warm Cold Nose” Hug From Lennox This Winter…

Announcing the launch of The Lennox Campaign winter appeal. Give a warm hug from Lennox this Christmas and take part in the “Warm Cold Nose” event by donating blankets, toys or food to your local animal rescue shelter in Lennox’s name.

So many dogs and cats spend the winter and Christmas period in kennels waiting for their new forever home and family to pick them so please don’t buy, instead adopt a shelter dog or cat. Shelters often struggle to keep up with the influx of dogs and cats that are displaced at this time of year. To give these over stretched shelters a helping hand the Lennox campaign kindly request that you consider donating a blanket, toy or food to your local shelter. Your support can make a big difference to the life of

Forever Lennox

As many of you may know Lennox was destroyed with indecent haste earlier this week by the Belfast City Council. I have read many moving tributes for Lennox and scathing rebukes on the inhumanity and corrupt behaviour of the Council and the evil of BSL. I came across this post earlier today and it sums up many of my thoughts and feelings to our sad loss and would like to share it with you.…

“When a Good Dog is No more”
By Mark Kumpf

When a Good Dog is No

Recent events in Belfast have demonstrated once again that breed specific legislation provides no protection for the public or the animals as government supporters cling to this outdated paradigm. Belfast City Council, fortified by “expert” testimony and under some questionable circumstances spent two years in legal wrangling to eventua

Last Stand for Lennox

As many of you may know the family has now the reached the legal limits of their fight to free Lennox and Lennox is rumoured to be destroyed tomorrow the 9th of July. Campaigning has reached a frenzy in the past few days begging Belfast City Council to show compassion and allow Lennox to be rehomed in the United States by Victoria Stillwell, I understand the Council has refused to meet her, allow the famoly to say goodbye to Lennox or even have his remains. Many people suspect that Lennox is either dead already or in such a bad state physically that they dare not allow anyone outside to view Lennox. They have refused many times to allow Lennox to be checked by an independant vet. Sarah Fisher noted in her assesment that Lennox had sustained scars on his neck but these have never been expl…

Statement from Lennox's Family.

Statement From Lennox’s Family
By Save Lennox On July 2, 2012 · ….
We apologise for the silence as we know our many friends and supporters around the world have been desperate for news but until we had further talks with our legal team we had nothing new to share. We needed to explore all possible options before we issued another statement as we did not wish to give those that have campaigned so tirelessly any false hope or for anything to be taken out of context as has happened in the past.…

Whilst there may well be errors in the Judge’s ruling from a point of law this has little bearing on whether we can or should progress by taking the case to a higher court. The ruling is based on the Judge’s decision that he deems Lennox to be unsafe despite evidence given by those qualified to assess a

Update on Judges ruling on Lennox.

Judge rules against Lennox.
Justice and the law are not the same thing and ignorance and prejudice held out today in the judges ruling that there was no point of law found to overturn the appeal verdict to destroy Lennox. The family are of course devastated as are their supporters, despite rumours Lennox has not been destroyed yet. I really wish it was better news.…

“Save Lennox
Official: Lennox’s Family Will Release A Statement In Due Course Once They Have Had Time To Absorb Today’s Ruling By Chief Justice Girvan. The Family Kindly Ask All Supporters To Remain Calm And Dignified As Always In Their Response To Today’s Sad And Very Wrong Decision By The Northern Ireland Chief Justice. Thank You.”

The Save Lennox Campaign..

Please check for updates

Official statement from

Shock photos of Lennox revealed

Please go to to see pictures of Lennox.…

Victoria Stilwell, celebrity dog trainer and presenter of hit TV show “It’s Me Or The Dog” has openly spoken out in support of Lennox since hearing of his plight in 2010. After extensively studying all Lennox assessment videos Victoria also submitted her own report as an expert dog behaviourist to the Northern Ireland courts stating that Lennox poses no danger to public and that he clearly demonstrates amazing self control even while put under stressful circumstances, however as we now know Judge Rodgers in the September 2011 appeal hearing decided to ignore all expert evidence presented to him from such experts as Sarah Fisher, Victoria Stilwell and past evidence held on record by David Ryan, instead Judge Rodgers accepted the

Latest News. How to help lennox.

As many of you know I have been sharing information about Lennox, a victim of Breed Specific leglisation. He has been sentenced to death based on his physical dimensions and not because he has hurt anyone. He is totally innocent and being scapegoated because of fear and prejudice written into law. Please share info everywhere.…

On the 19th May 2010, Lennox, a five year old American Bull dog Labrador cross was wrongfully seized by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens from his loving family home where he lives with his owners and his kennel mates. Lennox committed no crime nor did any member of the public complain about him. Three Belfast City Council Dog Wardens came with the PSNI to his home unannounced. The Dog Wardens then told the Police to leave as there was no need for them at the locatio

Happy Seventh Birthday Lennox


Today marks Lennox’s seventh birthday which should be a happy time. This is now the second birthday Lennox has spent in Belfast City Council’s captivity, kept from his family and all that he knows, no visitation, no proper care and no birthday cuddles or playtime from those who love him dearly, alone!

A small minority group of fourteen people mainly lead by two very deceiving and quite unstable women and who have recently been linked with activities in which they transported illegal dogs outside of the UK, are, according to Facebook profiles, friendly with a certain dog warden and claim to be council supporters have in the past been responsible for posting sick comments about Lennox’s now thirteen year old owner. These same

The Truth about Lennox

Please read this statement from Victoria Stillwell on <a href="" rel="nofollow">;/a&gt; after leaked videos from the assessments filmed by the council and not available to the public were leaked onto a facebook page in order to justify the Judges decision. It has backfired, as you can see after reading Victoria’s rebuttal to claims against her reputation one can only be more certain that a miscarriage of justice has occured and politics, prejudice and ignorance has won over truth.…

“Today people all over the world will be lighting candles in honor of Lennox, who, if the courts have their way, will be put to death in less than a week by Belfast City Council. I have become personally involved in this case, both as an expert and as an advocate for dec

Lennox appeal fails

Found out that the judge has took the word of the council despite expert evidence to the contrary and upheld the previous decision to put to sleep Lennox. How anyone can think a man who advocates to train a dog you need to hit, kick and even bite a dog is a qualified expert on dogs I don’t understand. The legal team has 14 days to appeal on legal grounds.

Lennox’s family have appealed for calm so that any chance they have of seeing Lennox for the final time (if it comes to that) isn’t jeopardised. They also desperately need legal advice – they have 14 days to find a legal loophole and they need to find a legal expert with knowledge on N.Ireland law and N.Ireland DDA etc to come forward and help them with that.Please spread the word

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