Happy Seventh Birthday Lennox


Today marks Lennox’s seventh birthday which should be a happy time. This is now the second birthday Lennox has spent in Belfast City Council’s captivity, kept from his family and all that he knows, no visitation, no proper care and no birthday cuddles or playtime from those who love him dearly, alone!

A small minority group of fourteen people mainly lead by two very deceiving and quite unstable women and who have recently been linked with activities in which they transported illegal dogs outside of the UK, are, according to Facebook profiles, friendly with a certain dog warden and claim to be council supporters have in the past been responsible for posting sick comments about Lennox’s now thirteen year old owner. These same sick people have laughed at and made comments in attempt to taunt Lennox supporters and campaigners by posting such things as “what has Lennox’s campaign and stupid supporters achieved so far” which is one of many typical comments from this small coven of pro BSL supporters who troll the social media networks. Although it is true that the legal process has been slower than many would like including Lennox’s owners and that he has not yet been granted his own freedom Lennox has however, according to many dog owners and experts, helped many other BSL victims globally by highlighting the need for BSL abolishment. Lennox has helped make many more people aware of the cruelty of BSL and brought attention to those government bodies who participate in Breed Specific Legislation, in actual fact brave and innocent Lennox has achieved many things from his concrete cell with the help of his enormous following in the past two years and because of his cruel and very wrong incarceration by Belfast City Council many other dog owners have been reunited with their beloved dogs as many authorities and courts have seen the wrongs, the failings and public waste of money with many BSL cases due to the global outcry regarding Lennox and so have rewarded freedom to many innocent dogs who had been wrongfully seized, locked up inhumanely under BSL awaiting a death sentence sometimes for many years and all simply because of how they look.

Lennox’s case forced the Northern Ireland Executive to bring in the breed exemption laws to Northern Ireland in the hope that Northern Ireland would now be more in sync with mainland UK dog exemption legislation, although Northern Ireland has yet to fully implement and fall in-line completely with the rest of the UK regarding the exemption legislation. Lennox has united many hundreds of thousands of people under one campaign to fight for what is clearly right, that dog owners should now take a stand before BSL steam rolls further out of control and begins adding further breeds to the list instead of tackling the real issue which is at the other end of the dog lead. For any country, government, council authority or police force to continue with Breed Specific Legislation is absurd and very wrong as it will and has already simply pushed the real problems underground and will cause an increase in those who shouldn’t have certain breeds becoming more accessible to certain breeds for illegal activities such as the very cruel act of dog fighting. Government now need to stop, take a long hard look at BSL and realise that by not tackling the real problem that they are instead punishing the innocent family dogs and responsible owners and in turn making illegal breeds more of a must have property to the criminal and irresponsible owner, you simply cannot brush the problem under the carpet by enforcing an evil, wrong and much publicly hated legislation as BSL and believe that out of sight means out of mind. Lennox has opened the eyes of the public by revealing the inner workings, thoughts, actions and evil manipulative side of such authorities as Belfast City Council and those people hired by Belfast City Council who believe in a utopian dog world, believe that because dogs have teeth and look a certain way then they are all aggressive, dangerous and will maul everyone and anything without warning and one of these very people who have also been paid vast amounts of tax payers money to stand before a court, say what they have been told to say and spew what can only be described as unprofessional, non relative and non expert tripe is one ex MET PC, he continually relies on his twenty five years experience as a PC dog handler when introducing himself in court and who currently acts on behalf of Belfast City Council as their so called “expert” and will represent any prosecuting authority just as long as the money is right. Since Lennox’s last court appeal hearing in September 2011 the very same non behaviourist, ex MET police dog handler used and paid by Belfast City Council in Lennox’s case has had what seems to be a short string of court case losses were he has acted as “expert witness” for prosecution but now it seems that many mainland UK courts and real qualified experts are seeing through this dog handler’s non expert opinion as bit by bit unknowing to him he is revealing his real motives and who shockingly believes and practices kicking, poking and placing your foot heavily on a dogs neck is an effective way to train a dog that is uncooperative. It has become clear to many that this strange volatile and unpredictable man has a very clear, obvious hatred and discrimination for anything bull breed and it also appears that he doesn’t like being cross examined in court which usually provokes an outburst from him as in Lennox’s previous court hearing. Let’s hope that Northern Ireland courts soon follow suit and also begin to take less notice of what this money driven vile man has to say and that his money spinning career comes to and end sooner rather than later before he is responsible for the murder of any further innocent family pets, let’s hope that the Northern Ireland courts now begin to actually listen and accept the opinions, statements, assessments and recommendations given by real qualified experts such as David Ryan, Sarah Fisher and Victoria Stilwell who all agree that Lennox offers no threat, is not aggressive and should be allowed home to his family immediately.

At time of writing Lennox has spent 684 days in the captivity of Belfast City Council without ever being granted visitation from his family or those who he knows but as previously mentioned Lennox and his supporters have changed many things for others in this time and one thing amongst this nightmare will remain true, Lennox is loved by many hundreds of thousands of animal and non animal owners around the world and no matter the outcome he will never be forgotten nor will the actions of Belfast City Council and their warden who began this wrongful hate filled incarceration of an innocent, beautiful and brave dog in which Belfast City Council and their wardens abused the powers entrusted to them, they will never be allowed to forget the damage, hurt, pain and suffering that they have caused Lennox, his family and his now thirteen year old owner and the public will always remember how Belfast City Council continued with their own agenda to murder an innocent dog just to punish a family who very publicly spoke out against them.

Belfast City Council will no doubt once again and very soon claim their usual media spin stating that they acted within the law and are only carrying out their jobs and the legislation as past by the Northern Ireland Executive to which all Lennox campaigners again agree and make the statement once more that no-one has ever had issue with Belfast City Council dog wardens doing their job, the issue many have is how the wardens went about their jobs and have done so throughout this case, so again we remind people to remember how Lennox’s seizure from his home took place, all the non legal procedures, documents and how Belfast City Council and their wardens have acted throughout with very differing statements from wardens in court, intimidation tactics toward Lennox’s owner, legal threats issued by Belfast City Council’s legal department which will in time all be revealed and the lies that have been told in and out of court by one woman in particular that still claims she is afraid of Lennox, refuses to be around him and states he is aggressive even though she is known and has been seen playing with Lennox and allowing him to lick her face. Some may ask what Belfast City Council and their warden department stand to gain from this agenda of past events, it isn’t a question of what they have to gain, its what they stand to lose should Lennox be given his rightful freedom and Belfast City Council are well aware of what it means!

To mark the occasion of Lennox’s seventh birthday the Save Lennox Campaign and many global campaigners and supporters have organised a Twitter tweet-storm to again highlight the need to abolish BSL, to remember all victims of BSL past and present and to bring public attention back to Lennox’s plight. Family, friends and campaigners may not be able to share Lennox’s birthday with him physically but we will be heard and Lennox will know that united we all continue to fight for him and many others like him!

For those wishing to take part in the Save Lennox Twitter tweet-storm you can do so by logging into Twitter tonight from 9PM (UK) Sunday April 1st using the hash tag #SaveLennox and for those who may not have Twitter accounts or cannot sign up for a free Twitter account then you can post your birthday messages for Lennox on his official Facebook page.

April 1st may be Lennox’s seventh birthday but it’s Belfast City Council who are the real fools for allowing this cruelty to have taken place!

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