Rips Off: Please Read

As many of you might know that I’m maintaining a STOCK account at deviantart, it came to our (with other deviantart stockists) knowledge that our stocks have been ripped off by an arabic site, with visitors from mostly the Egypt and Saudi Arabia area. The IP address originated from Dallas, Texas for some reason.

The site has stolen many stock images, textures, and brushes from various stock deviants on DA, and who knows from where else.

None of these works were reposted with permission. There was not even a notification of the site reposting the works, and no link back to the original artist either.

There are more than 600 pages of stolen textures, with 9 thumbnails on each page. I found mine (see photo below).

If anyone here knows Arabic, we would all appreciate it if you could contact the administrator of the site at The email might not even go through, but it’s worth a try.

Here’s some more info on the website

Any help would be appreciated.

To REDBUBBLERS I’m granting permission for you to use my stocks from there. But be mindful of the terms of use. (posted on the frontpage).

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