Play With Me

Here are some Stock photos you may can/use for your photomanipulations

Please be mindful of the terms of use.

1. My Stocks are here to be used freely by all members. You are allowed to print your works here (of course) (as long as my stock is substantially manipulated and part of your whole concept. Remember, I own the images.) You can morph, twist it make it ugly or dark as the night, I don’t mind at all.

2. Send me a note here or my DA and leave a link of the work where you used my image. I would surely love to see what you have done. I take pleasure to be part of your creative process. Provide link/s of the resource/s you used on your post.

3. Absolutely forbidden to use in pornography, discriminatory, racist or blatantly defamatory manner.

4. Enjoy and have a great creative attitude. You are here to showcase and share your creativity.

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